WWE superstar Lana nominated for Film Fest International Awards

WWE RAW superstar Lana has been nominated for a few different awards at the Nice International Film Festival for her role in the movie Soul that was released last year.

‘Soul’ is a movie about Chase, a frustrated artist, lives a bohemian life with lover, Alexis (CJ Perry/Lana), an enchanting dancer, in their rundown apartment in an artistic niche of the city. His life is thrown into turmoil when Alexis is raped and murdered. Chase’s greedy art dealer, Carl (Dave Ogle), sees this tragedy as a way to capitalize on what once was a unfruitful investment. What follows is a chain reaction of greed by way of mourning Alexis’ death. Chase can find only one reason to go on: revenge.

Lana herself is up for an award for Best Lead Actress, while the film itself is up for Best Film and Best Film Editing at the 2017 Nice IFF Awards.

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