Women’s Championship Match Announced For WrestleMania

It’s official! Alexa Bliss will defend her RAW Women’s Championship against former best friend Nia Jax on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania!

After Alexa Bliss’ plans and truths were revealed last week in a backstage segment where Alexa failed to realize that a microphone was recording, Nia Jax stormed the area for Little Miss Bliss. However, Alexa and her comrade, six-time Women’s Champion Mickie James, were able to escape in the nick of time.

Before her scheduled match with Asuka tonight, Alexa took to the WWE Universe to apologize for what she said about Nia, that is for not saying it earlier. Alexa and Mickie left Asuka high and dry and skipped out on her match. But before they could leave the arena completely, Nia Jax stormed out and took out Mickie James. She tried to get ahold of Alexa, but the scammer was able to wiggle herself out of the situation.

Bliss confronted Kurt Angle about Nia’s actions and said she should be arrested. Angle disagrees and says what he will do is give Nia Jax a RAW Women’s Championship Match at WrestleMania!

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