Su Yung Wins IMPACT Knockouts Championship

Last night Su Yung won the IMPACT Knockouts Championship, defeating Allie at ‘Under Pressure’ in a Last Right’s Match – putting an end to Allie’s Championship reign and banishing her from IMPACT.

Allie held the title for over 100 days after defeating Laurel Van Ness back at IMPACT Wrestling’s Crossroads event.

Yung made her Impact Wrestling debut on the March 22nd episode of the show attacking Allie, thanks to Braxton Stutter.

Since that time, The Undead Bride has taken over IMPACT Wrestling, putting the Knockout’s Division on notice and even sending the Demond Assasin into a coffin.

The undead bride has reigned supreme and now has captured the Knockouts Title. Will anyone be able to stop her?

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