Sasha Banks concussion news

During Monday’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke more at length about the injury Sasha Banks suffered that we reported, saying that it might even be putting WWE’s SummerSlam plans in jeopardy.

“She’s hurt. It’s a significant thing. As far as how long … the [injury]they were keeping secret before was a knee injury. WWE … They’ll tell you some injuries and then others, they don’t want you to know. That’s the deal.

“But there’s no way of knowing right now what her status is. Obviously, Charlotte and Sasha were supposed to wrestle in Brooklyn for SummerSlam this year. It’s months away, so there’s still a very good chance that that’s going to happen. But you just never know with a concussion.”

The “knee injury” that Meltzer was alluding to was one that happened back in January that Sasha repeatedly denied on social media.



According to Uproxx her next concussion evaluation is set for Saturday. It’s anticipated that she’ll pass and be cleared to return to the ring after that.

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