REVIEW: Zelina Capitalizes On Lana’s Misfortune

Rapid Results:

  • Zelina Vega defeated Lana when Andrade and Aiden English bumped her off of the top rope
  • Charlotte and Becky Lynch defeated The IIconics

The Rundown:

Charlotte and Becky Lynch were backstage. Charlotte says she didn’t try to ruin Becky’s moment last week. Lynch says they both want the title, even though she wanted Carmella to herself. Becky throws shade at Sasha and Bayley’s dysfunctional friendship and the two cheers to their tag match up next.

After Carmella joins commentary, The IIconics poke fun at Orlando and the two women they face next. They call Charlotte overrated and say Becky is where she always is, in Charlotte’s shadow.

Billie Kay and Becky Lynch start off the match and Lynch tags Charlotte in quick. Flair chops Kay across her chest and tags Becky back in. They flip her to the canvas and then do the same to Peyton Royce. Becky went for the Dis-arm-her, but Royce pulled Billie to ringside. Charlotte took them both out with a crossbody. Peyton gathers Charlotte’s attention and Billie nails her with a boot on the apron. The two kick Flair in the stomach and then into her back. Kay locks in a chokehold, attempting to put Charlotte out. Charlotte fights out, but Billie slams her down and attacks her with fists. Royce enters and the two choke Charlotte in the corner.

She tries to fight them off, but Peyton stops her with a clothesline. Royce maintained control and began choking Charlotte on the mat. Billie bounced Charlotte off of the ropes and Peyton clocked her with a deadly spinning kick. Kay knocked Becky off the apron and Charlotte rolled her up. She kicks out, but the two connect with a simultaneous big boot. Becky and Peyton enter and Becky takes her down. She sends her across the ring with a Bexplex and goes to the tope rope. She nails her with flying forearm and locks in the Dis-arm-her. Billie runs in and breaks the hold, but Charlotte tags in and takes them out with a double moonsault! She locks Peyton in the Figure 8 and takes the win.

After the match, they were seen backstage. Charlotte praises each other after the tag match and says they work amazing together. Becky says this may be true this week, but at SummerSlam it’s everyone for themselves. Charlotte states that they’ll have to be amazing against each other.

Before Lana’s match, Aiden English came to apologize to them both after last week’s results. They accept his apology but tell him to stay backstage tonight.

The bell rings and Lana spears Zelina into the corner. Zelina Vega forearmed her across the chest and ran to ringside. However, Lana dropkicked her through the ropes, sending her to the ground outside. She kicked Lana in the face and ambushed her with fists. She choked Lana out but Lana escaped after Zelina slammed her to the canvas. Vega kicked the back of Lana, but Lana kneed her in the stomach and flipped her with a suplex. She elbow dropped Zelina and kicked her into the corner.

Zelina reversed, but Lana slammed her with a bulldog. She took her down with a series of suplexes and Andrade got involved. Zelina popped Lana with a codebreaker and Rusev tackled Andrade at ringside. Zelina kicked the back of Rusev’s head and Andrade threw him into the ring post. Lana clocked Zelina with a kick and went to the top rope! Aiden ran out and speared Andrade into Lana’s foot! She flipped off the top and Zelina dug her knees into Lana’s face! Zelina wins again!

Smack Talk:

SmackDown LIVE was bomb! Both matches were really good and entertaining to watch. Billie kept her selling watchable and her tag moves with Peyton looked great.

Zelina vs Lana has been such a fun feud. The story is bigger than the wrestling itself and I’m loving every second of it. This better lead to a mixed tag at SummerSlam.

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