REVIEW: WWE Superstars 1/30/14 – “Natalya sidesteps with Summer”

Welcome to the very first WWE Superstars Review on Squared Circle Sirens. Hope you enjoy reading. Let’s begin.

This week saw the Total Divas clash as Natalya Neidhart took o the newest Total Diva Summer Rae in singles competition! What happened in the match? Keep reading to find out!

Out first for the match is the newest Total Diva, Summer Rae! Summer, looking as stunning as ever in her blue and orange gear makes her way to the ring with a chorus of boos from the crowd. Her entrance music is soon drowned out by the piercing sound of Natalya’s theme as Natalya makes her way out from the back to a warm reception from the crowd, wearing the same outfit she wore on Main Event.

Natalya Neidhart you are an outfit repeater! If you don’t get that reference then shame on you! Natalya gets groped by a creepy man in the audience and then dudley mocks Summer Rae’s hair flip. Once again, isn’t Natalya supposed to be the good guy here? Summer gets in Natalya’s face and the referee separates the two before ringing the bell, getting this match underway!

Summer shoves Natalya as soon as the bell is rung and Natalya answers back by locking Summer into a headlock. Summer sends Natalya off into the ropes and Natalya takes Summer down with a shoulder block. Natalya runs off the ropes once again and Summer tries to get in her way but Natalya flips over her, avoiding the leggy blonde diva once again. Natalya goes off the opposing ropes and Summer leapfrogs over her and then sends Natalya down with a great looking hip toss. Summer flips her hair, and dances a tad, admiring her own work. Don’t you wish you were Summer Rae? I do. Summer goes to follow up but meets both of Natalya’s legs.

Both divas get back to their feet and Natalya catches Summer with a headlock takedown. Natalya wrenches in the hold but Summer quickly uses her long legs to get Natalya into a submission hold. Stacy Keibler who? Natalya kips up out of the submission attempt and gets behind Summer rolling her up, but only for a two count! Natala goes to lock in the sharpshooter but Summer fights out of the attempt and reaches the ring ropes, forcing Natalya to let her go. Summer takes this time to go to the outside, a little moment to catch some air. Natalya isn’t having any of this and goes outside the ring only to send Summer Rae back into the ring.

Natalya goes to get back into the ring but Summer has other plans and hits a nice dropkick to Natalya, causing her to fall onto the ring apron. Summer drags Natalya back into the ring and covers her, but Natalya gets her shoulder up at two. Summer works over Natalya’s right arm, and locks in a nice creative submission hold, using her long legs. Summer then turns the submission hold into a pin! But Natalya kicks out. Really nice creativity used by Summer Rae. Natalya gets back to her feet and runs into a shoulder from Summer Rae, knocking her back to her knees.

Summer grabs Natalya’s arm and gets her to her feet but Natalya begins fighting back, hitting a few forearms, forcing Summer to release her arm, but then Natalya walks right into a beautiful spin kick by Summer! It looks like Summer has this match in the bag as she goes for a cover but somehow, someway, Natalya kicks out. Summer Rae grabs Natalya’s arm once again and locks in yet another submission hold. The crowd gets behind Natalya and Natalya uses her strength to turn the submission hold into a pin, but Summer kicks out at two! Summer works over Natalya’s arm yet again until Natalya backs her into the corner and sends her down.

Summer gets back to her feet and charges towards Natalya into the corner but connects with nothing but the turnbuckle. Summer turn around and gets drilled with a series of hard clotheslines, taking her off her feet. Natalya keeps on Summer and hits a nice suplex before running over Summer and dropkicking her square in the face. Natalya catches Summer and goes to slam her to the mat but Summer slides off Natalya’s shoulders and slaps her hard in the face, just like in the latest Total Divas promo! A discus clothesline later and we see Natalya trapped in the Sharpshooter by Natalya.

Summer tries to fight through the pain but eventually submits to the sharpshooter. Natalya celebrates her win as Summer crawls up the entrance ramp.

Yet another fantastic divas match this week! Natalya and Summer have so much chemistry in the ring together it’s no wonder that these two will be butting heads on Total Divas.

It’s really amazing to see just how good Summer is in the ring with how new to the business she is. Not even three full years wrestling and she can go toe to toe with one of the best. I loved how Summer worked over Natalya’s arm and really focused all of her attack to that one limb. Great psychology shown in this match. I can’t wait to see these two wrestle each other again.

SOTM – Summer Rae – Well of course I have to award Summer Rae as the Siren of The Match. She shined so much in this match you kind of forgot that Natalya won. She looked like a million bucks. I loved the match.

Yet another great divas match this week. I can’t wait to see what happens the next time these two meet in the ring.

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