REVIEW: WSU Battle Tested

WSU hosted its event Battle Tested on May 13th in Voorhees, New Jersey in a double header with CZW. You can catch Battle Tested on the Women’s Wrestling Network and CZW Studios.

We start with Maven Bentley who explains that the main event is going to be survivor games, that the main event will be elimination style and in the “Cage of Death” mkay.

And we start off with personal fan favorite, Faye Jackson hitting the ring, dancing with the fans and coming out to Milkshake. You can see our own, Dave Muscarella in the audience tonight. Out next is Jordynne Grace who has been on quite the roll in WSU. This match was hard hitting and a hot opener to start the show. Jordynne is very talented and Faye is so charismatic.

For only wrestling just over a year, Faye is incredible. There is a sick rope hung DDT spot that I hurt watching. Especially in comparison to past Jordynne Grace WSU matches, this was very competitive and nice to see, and Faye proved she was a good person to have debut for WSU. Jordynne ends up winning after a huge second rope powerbomb, but both women looked incredible and I definitely hope we see more of both of these women in WSU.

Up next we see the Fella Twins coming out with only one WSU belt. Out next is Maria Manic, alone. Maria and Penelope Ford were supposed to be challenging for the Tag Team Championships, and Maria looks frightened. Rick takes a mic and calls out Penelope not being there and is asking where she is. Rick then calls out Maria for being a rat ratting Cataldo out and then proceeds to call Maria a slut. Cataldo then yells at Maria that she is part of the Fella Twin Academy and they are going to finish her initiation.

We then learn that this will be a handicap match for the WSU Tag Team Championships. Rick instantly attacks Maria with a belt with some of the most vicious shots I’ve heard in quite some time, and Maria’s back is lit up red. Where is a DQ? McQueen ends up accidentally striking Cataldo and Maria Manic is able to pin McQueen to win the match and the tag titles for her and Penelope. Definitely more of a storyline match here, but exciting to see new champions, and Cataldo has an utter meltdown.

After that we get a debuting Willow Nightingale against Lufisto coming off of her huge win against Leva Bates at Shine the night previous. This match starts quickly with a lot of quick pin attempts. Lufisto and Willow battle a lot on the outside and directly in front of Dave! Hi Dave! This match has a lot more of your traditional ring psychology and working.

Lufisto targets the knee of Willow and Willow is the fun babyface in peril. It does just throw me a bit when Willow then has no issues with her knee after Lufisto has been really working it over, and then goes back to selling it after a back stabber. Lufisto is clearly a veteran for a reason, but Willow really held her own. There are some weird slow spots here, but Willow definitely has potential, Willow eventually taps to an inverted kneebar, and Lufisto is our winner. Lufisto looks to go shake Willow’s hand but ends up kicking her in the knee for good measure. This match wasn’t as good as her match with Leva, but still not anything bad.

Another debut follows with the UK’s, Lana Austin challenging for the Spirit Championship against current champion, Kiera Hogan who is clearly over with the WSU Crowd, and doesn’t have Candy Cartwright with her, so it’s great. Kiera just looks incredible on her own, and is so over with this crowd, WSU made a great decision putting the spirit title on her.

Kiera lives up to her Girl on Fire name attacking Lana quickly and this match is off and hot.Lana slows the pace down and jaw jacks with a fan. Lana definitely has a strong character and very charismatic, and her heel tendencies does an even better job putting Kiera over as a strong babyface. Kiera ends up getting the win in her first defense of the Spirit Championship. Kiera showed in this match she doesn’t need a faction, she’s so good on her own and can really go.

In our pre main-event Nevaeh challenges Mercedes Martinez for the WSU Championship, in what the commentators tell us is a first time one on one match. Let’s be clear. Nevaeh got a concussion in this match, and the match did not stop. Nevaeh clearly is an incredible wrestler to be able to go with a concussion. I can’t even keep my eyes open with a headache, and Nevaeh kept wrestling with a concussion. Unreal. We here at SCS hope you are okay, Nevaeh! These two gave the match that was expected, it was hard hitting, it looked like it hurt, and It was a really solid championship match. Mercedes ends up winning with a fisherman buster in a very solid contest.

Onto our main event, the Survivor Games match between The Reckoning (Chrissy Rivera, Samantha Heights, Brittany Blake, Annie Social and Su Yung) against Team Leva (Leva Bates, Mia Yim, Veda Scott, Missy Sampson, and Xandra Bale) sporting a Reservoir Dogs gimmick. Amy Lee is announced as the outside enforcer for this match. I will say this cage is significantly better than the last cage we had in a WSU War Games match, but I digress. The match starts with Brittany Blake and Missy Sampson. After a few minutes of battle, Annie Social joins the mix and it’s a 2-1 advantage for the Reckoning. Veda Scott is in next to even it back up.

The transition of Veda entering is a little slow as all of the girls are just waiting for the entrance, this gets a little messy before we see Missy Sampson get eliminated in a rollup after an enziguri from Brittany Blake and getting rolled up by Annie Social. Next, Samantha Heights enters the cage and adds to the beatdown on Veda. There is a spot where Veda takes on all three and has a cool top rope clothesline to Blake and Heights and hits a nice german on Blake. The three try multiple times to pin Veda but nobody can pin her. In comes Xandra Bale and she comes in hot against both Sinister Sweethearts while Annie and Veda battle in the corner.

Finally Veda and Xandra are able to take on all three and bring us to our next entrant, Su Yung. Su decides to climb into the cage while Veda Scott gets eliminated and it is a 4 on 1 assault on Xandra Bale, who is able to stay alive until the next entrant, Mia Yim! Mia comes in hot and attacks everyone. Mia ends up nailing a package piledriver on Annie Social to eliminate her and Annie Social looks hurt. Right as we get a countdown to Chrissy Rivera coming in, Brittany Blake gets eliminated somehow, but the camera doesn’t really catch it. It’s a 3-2 battle as Leva is still on the outside. Eventually there is a 5 person tower of doom with Mia and Xandra suplexing Chrissy while getting powerbombed by Heights and Yung.

This leads to our final countdown and Leva Bates entering the match who attacks everyone. There ends up being a Su Yung assisted sliced bread from Heights to Yim which eliminates Yim after a pinfall. Samantha Heights ends up climbing the cage and stands on top as the other four trade blows. She jumps off the cage in a Swanton Bomb on the four of them in the spot of the match so far! This leads to Xandra vs Samantha while the others are down and Xandra ends up applying an octopus getting Heights to tap, but is quickly then eliminated, leaving it down to Bates, Yung and Rivera.

Chrissy ends up drinking some kind of liquid and tries to spray it in the face of Leva but Leva moves and it hits Su which leads to Leva hitting the Pepsi Plunge on Su (slightly awkwardly) and eliminates Su Yung. This leads to a much anticipated Leva and Chrissy battle, but Su isn’t leaving the ring. Leva applies a dragon sleeper, but Su comes up and breaks the hold which brings in Amy Lee to get Su out, but this brings Brittany Blake out with a Kendo Stick. Chrissy tries to swing, but misses and hits a sick German Suplex. Eventually Chrissy is able to take over Leva, grab the Kendo stick and nail a sick shot straight to the head and gets the win over Leva and makes her to lone winner of this match.

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