REVIEW: Women’s Wrestling Revolution – ‘The Show Must Go On’

Women’s Wrestling Revolution presented ‘The Show Must Go On’ at the Aurora in Providence, Rhode Island this past weekend on August 20th, 2017. They released raw footage from the show that you can watch on Beyond Wrestling’s youtube channel where all new subscribers get an automatic 14-day free trial after signing up.

Allie Recks vsNadi
The opening match saw Allie Recks take on Nadi who many know as Elena Pogosyan who is fresh of a WWE tryout. A very good opening match to start off the show with Nadi in particular looking very impressive and Recks not missing a step even after just coming off a big knee injury. While both are relatively new to the business they both impressed me. Nadi played a great aggressive heel in the match and Allie was a great babyface in peril who used her athleticism very well. The match comes to an end after Allie reverses a suplex into a sick DDT for the three count. Very good outing by both ladies.

Maria Manic (with Penelope Ford) vs. Davienne (with Sammi Lane)

At WWR’s last event ‘Brick House’ Davienne defeated Maria Manic thanks to Sammi Lane and at this show, they would meet once again inside the ring. Before the introductions were even over Davienne attacked Manic, beating her down to the mat, kicking it off with a bang! They immediately take the action outside of the ring and Davienne takes a swing at Penelope Ford, just because! Ford gets her revenge though, hitting a diving crossbody on Davienne once she’s inside the ring! Davienne gains control of the match until Maria hits a stunner getting out of a sleeper hold! Maria hits a beautiful German Suplex during the match. Both women go down with a double big boot. The end comes when Manic hits her with an F-5 for the pin. Great match between both ladies who continue to impress. Davienne doesn’t get booked much outside of WWR and a few promotions in Massachusets but she’s really one to watch out for and Maria, as always improves leaps and bounds with every outing.

Skylar vs. Terra Calaway
In the next match, the debuting Terra Calaway takes on the feisty Skylar in singles action. Terra uses her size and veteran status to gain the advantage over the much newer Skylar. After an onslaught of destruction from Calaway Skylar heads to the outside to get a moment of air. This doesn’t seem to be a smart idea as Calaway followers her outside and goes on the attack, swinging her into the side of the ring. The fans get behind Skylar and she fights out of a back suplex. She goes high and takes Terra off her feet with a codebreaker! After missing a big boot she gets slammed into the mat with a Full Nelson Slam that gave Terra the victory. Very strong showing for Calaway on her debut and this was probably the best Skylar has looked. Skylar plays a great underdog and she continues to impress in her WWR outings.

Willow Nightingale vs. Vanity
Willow is someone who I’m very familiar with having attended many NYWC shows and Vanity continues to blaze trails wherever she wrestles. Both are fun and always get the crowd into their matches. As the bell rings the two shake hands to start things off and go toe to toe, trading moves with each other much to the delight of the crowd who are clearly fans of both these women. Vanity delivers a hard powerslam during the match, showing off her vicious side inside the ring. Willow shows some creativity during the match and locks in what can only be described as a modified octopus stretch submission hold. Very cool looking submission. The match breaks down as they head to the outside, trading blows. Willow tosses Vanity back inside the ring and goes up high before leaping off, connecting with a Moonsault that earns her the victory! A really great match between two great women who aren’t talked about enough. Deonna did great on commentary during this match as well.

Jordynne Grace vs. Priscilla Kelly
The next match saw Priscilla Kelly make her WWR debut as she put her newly won SHINE Nova Championship on the line against WWR mainstay Jordynne Grace who has had some breakout performances on the last few WWR and Beyond Wrestling shows. The fans quickly get behind Grace as the favorite in this match but Priscilla goes hold for hold, even connecting with a stiff superkick to Jordynne’s jaw. Jordynne gets Priscilla into a bear hug, a move that has put countless of women away in the past! But she locks in a guillotine hold and Grace begins to quickly fade, but not for long! She rams Kelly back first into several corners before locking in the bear hug once again. Kelly uses a rather different method of getting out of the hold, licking Jordynne’s face and it works! Priscilla retains the belt via submission. Honestly one of my favorite matches on the show. These two work so well together and I hope these two have more outings.

Team SeaStars (Delmi Exo & Ashley Vox) vs. Team Adams (Karen Q & Tasha Steelz)

Whenever I mention WWR I always speak of the tag division they have. Where many promotions lack a real tag division WWR is thriving with women tag teams.  Karen Q was my pick for one to watch in 2017 and SeaStars were another staff pick as ones to watch this year and this match proves why. After taking shots Team Adams take it to The SeaStars early on, gaining the momentum early on. While Team Adams is a new team in WWR, having faced each other in singles competition before SeaStars have been a regular team since WWR’s inception. To the surprise of no one, Tasha and Karen work wonderfully as a team. Tasha busts out a nice sleeper hold, taking Ashley Vox down as Team Adams keeps Vox away from Exo. Karen goes for a double Boston crab on the SeaStars but they overpower her. It looks to be all over when the SeaStars go for a doomsday device but Alisha Edwards & Taeler Hendrix comes out, distracting them, allowing Team Adams to score the win.

Gabriela Rios vs. Sonya Strong
The former TNA Knockout Raquel, now known as Gabriela Rios took on House of Glory’s Sonya Strong. I was actually really surprised by this match. Went in with low expectations and these two went at it with hard kicks to one another. Sonya called out Veda plenty of times during this match, taunting her while standing on Gabi’s back. Sonya locks in an armbar but Gabi grabs the ropes and gets out of the submission hold. Sonya wins the match after driving Gabi into the mat with a hard STO. Post match Sonya calls out Veda Scott.

Taeler Hendrix vs. Alisha Edwards vs. Twisted Sisters (Holidead & Thunder Rosa)
Another strong tag team match on the show. The Twisted Sisters are constantly highlights on shows and the WWR fans in Rhode Island love them. Since leaving ROH it’s very rare we see Hendrix wrestle frequently so it’s nice to see her inside the ring and her and Holidead work really well together. A very solid match and another strong showing by Alisha Edwards. While she is a GFW Knockout she doesn’t get used much and it’s really a shame because she can back it up in the ring. Hendrix and Edwards do this cool double team knee to the head, dropkick, muta lock combination during the match. Thunder Rosa finally gets momentum on her side after taking both Hendrix and Edward’s down with a dropkick. A few moments later Thunder Rosa flies off the top rope to the outside, taking everyone out with a crossbody. Fast paced. High energy match! Taeler Hendrix goes for a piledriver and The SeaStars come out, disracting her, allowing The Twisted Sisters to gain the advantage and connect with a Twisted Pump to score the win! Another great outing by The Twisted Sisters in WWR!

Awesome Kong vs. Deonna Purrazzo

From the moment this match was announced I was filled with excitement and boy did both ladies hit it out of the park. The size difference between Purrazzo and Kong is really something to see. Deonna tried to knock Kong off her feet with a crossbody block but that wasn’t the wisest of things to try with Kong. Kong threw her down and squashed her with a splash. While Kong has the distinctive size advantage in this match, towering over the much shorter Purrazzo, Deonna uses her wits to outsmart Kong plenty of times during this bout. Kong continues to use her strength, whipping Deonna around the ring and just toying with her. Deonna finally gets Kong off her feet after a big bump kick as she comes off the ropes! Kong goes to do a two handed chokeslam on Purrazzo but as she lifts her up, Deonna grabs her arm and locks in the Fujiwara Armbar and Kong taps! Deonna submitted Awesome Kong! After she wins Kong raises Deonna’s hand in victory.

I’m so happy Women’s Wrestling Revolution is back running shows. They have such a unique setting and they give a platform to girls who may not usually get one. Davienne is such a hidden talent, Maria Manic has had such a great run since joining the promotion. They introduced me to Thunder Rosa and Holidead, and they have given Jordynne Grace the ball and have run with it. Not only that but they bring in great names like Deonna Purrazzo, Taeler Hendrix, and on this show, Awesome Kong. What they do feels unique and in such a good way. The way the crowd connects with these shows, how they highlight tag teams in women’s wrestling, it all just feels good.

This was a great show and I really believe you should go out of your way to watch it! I mean how many times are you going to see Kong wrestle in 2017?!

I know this was the last show at the Aurora but I really do hope WWR continues to run more and more shows!

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