REVIEW: The Voyage To Brooklyn Begins

Rapid Results:

  • Lacey Evans defeated Dakota Kai with a Woman’s Right out of nowhere
  • Kairi Sane earned herself a championship opportunity against Shayna Baszler by defeating Nikki Cross and Candice LeRae in a triple threat match

The Rundown:

Lacey Evans kicks off the match by mocking Dakota Kai. Kai takes her down and tosses her with armdrags and a dropkick. She stayed one step ahead of Lacey and used her quickness to execute a series of kicks to Evans. She went for a boot in the corner, but Evans dodged the attack. She then tied Kai’s foot to the corner and nailed her with a swinging bronco buster. She humiliated Kai and pummeled her around.

Dakota managed to hit Lacey with a kick, but upon doing it again, Evans dropped her to the canvas. She then tied her up and grinded her chin into Kai’s skull as she bent her back. Dakota tried to escape, but Lacey kicked her back down to the mat and wrenched her arms behind her back, then digging her knee into Kai’s spine. She mounted her for a pin, but Dakota kicked out. She brought Dakota to the ropes before tripping her and stomping on her. She flew over the ropes with a slingshot elbow, but Dakota was able to stay in it.

Evans attempted a middle rope moonsault, but Kai rolled out of the way. She takes Lacey out with rapid fire kicks and nails her with her boot barrage in the corner. She continued her ambush of face washes by slamming her foot across Evans’s face numerous times. However, Lacey was able to drop Dakota to the canvas with a pumphandle slam. Dakota hit Lacey with a scorpion kick and went for her finisher, but Lacey tripped her to the canvas. She held onto Kai’s foot and Kai went for an enziguri, but Lacey ducked. Suddenly, she blasted Kai with the Woman’s Right and picked up the win! She harassed Kai after the match by getting in her face.

In the main event of NXT, three determined faced off to earn a championship bout against Shayna Baszler at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn. Shayna Baszler joined commentary before the bell rang.

Nikki Cross immediately lunged at Candice LeRae, who rolled her up. However, Kairi Sane rolled LeRae up moments later. Cross reciprocated the behavior by rolling Kairi up. They exchanged armdrags until Nikki took Kairi out with a crossbody. Kairi shoved Candice off the apron and sent chops against Cross’s chest. Nikki countered a Sliding D and spun Sane so that her head would connect with the ring post. Candice reentered the fray and took Cross down with a suicide dive. However, Nikki countered a second attempt and trapped her in the apron.

She rubbed LeRae across the canvas and pulled her by her nose. She then applied a submission, but it was reversed into a pin. Cross brought Candice to the corner and stomped on her chest. She turned around and got wiped out with an Interceptor by Kairi Sane! Kairi turned her attention to LeRae and stomped on her body. She then locked in The Anchor but Nikki broke it up and leaped onto Kairi’s back. Candice knocked them over with a dropkick and ambushed Cross with chops. She then ran off the apron and took Sane out with a rolling cannonball. The crowd chanted “NXT” as Nikki slammed Candice on the metal ramp.

Kairi took Nikki out with a flying elbow as the crowd chanted “This is Awesome’! Kairi climbed the ropes, but Cross prevented her from executing anything. Candice snuck in and slammed them with a tower of doom! Nikki and Candice went back and forth as Kairi joined them. All three exchanged blows until Candice took Nikki out with an enziguri. Sane nailed LeRae with a spinning backfist, but Candice took both competitors out with an flatliner & DDT combo.

She nailed her lionsault on Kairi, but Nikki dragged her out of the ring and hit a neckbreaker from the apron. Nikki contorted Sane with back suplexes before bringing her to the corner, attempting to hit a neckbreaker. Candice entered and rolled Nikki up, but Cross escaped. Candice laid her out and landed on her with a lionsault. She was moments away from winning, but Kairi collided with an Insane Elbow! She covered Candice and earned a championship match at TakeOver!


NXT was too bomb. The girls really delivered and showed the men how to put on a show.

Lacey vs Dakota was such good match and was given a lot of time, which I appreciate. Both women aren’t involved in the title picture and it was nice to see NXT give them a reasonable time slot to put the match together. As simple as it is, I love Lacey’s finisher. It looks impactful and she can execute it anytime during the match and it keeps people on their toes.

The triple threat was a classic. These three women put on a match that will leave an impression on NXT for a long time. It was flawless from beginning to end and the finish was incredible. I’m excited to see Kairi take the title from Shayna come TakeOver.

All in all, if you didn’t see NXT, you need to.

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