REVIEW: The Fire Burns On

Rapid Results:

  • The cast of GLOW met Naomi and Lana backstage
  • Becky Lynch defeated Sonya Deville via Dis-arm-her
  • ANNOUNCED: Carmella will defend her SmackDown LIVE Women’s Championship against Asuka at Extreme Rules

The Rundown:

Naomi and Lana were bickering about each other’s dancing skills when the cast of GLOW arrived. Naomi compares Lana to Zoya, the Russian heel from the show, played by Alison Brie. Alison acts as Zoya and says she’s a big fan of Lana. Another member asks why they’re beefing when they both are great in the ring and had a killer dance battle weeks ago. Another chimed in and stated that they should work together instead of fighting. Naomi says Lana is stubborn about who the better dancer is. Naomi compliments Lana and says maybe they could be ravishing together.

Becky Lynch looked to keep her momentum going as she took on Sonya Deville. Deville went for kicks early but Becky dodged them. Lynch wins a power contest and forces Sonya to the canvas. Sonya fights back with a knee to her gut. Becky fired a kick into her chest and tried to grab Sonya from behind. Deville latched onto the ropes and began swinging Becky around the ring by holding onto her waist.

Becky sent her to ringside and tossed her over the announcer’s table. Sonya reentered the match and the two went back and forth. Becky sent her out of the ring with a dropkick and tried to capitalize, but Deville speared her into the ring apron. She then whipped her into the barricade, dropping her on her neck. Sonya took Becky down with strikes and kicks to then put her in a body scissors. Lynch escaped, but Sonya caught her and drove her into the canvas with a spinebuster. She pushed Becky around and Lynch tried to fight back only to be kicked in her chest.

Sonya tried to wear her down once again but Becky nailed her with the corner kick and a series of clotheslines. She went for the Bexploder, but Sonya managed to kick out. Sonya then took her down with this pop-up knee maneuver from the corner. Becky fired back with a flying forearm and went for the Dis-arm-her.

Sonya tossed her into the ropes and went for a roll-up. She then nailed her with a step-up enziguri, but Becky stayed in it. Mandy Rose distracted Lynch for a split second and Sonya was able to pull her from the middle rope and onto the canvas. Mandy shouted in Becky’s face, allowing Lynch to push Deville into Rose. Becky quickly snatched Sonya’s arm and locked in the Dis-arm-her. Sonya tapped and Becky kept the wins coming.

James Ellsworth comes out to represent Carmella. Paige comes out and announces that Carmella will defend her championship against Asuka at Extreme Rules. She then tricks James into having a match against Asuka next week.

Smack Talk:

I hope this is Lana’s official face turn. I’ve been waiting for her to switch and thought was going to until she took Naomi out in the dance battle. However, it seems like they’re going to be a ‘team’. This means that the tag titles for the Women’s Division are coming soon and they need to shove all the girls in pairings so the titles don’t flop. Honestly don’t mind it though.

Sonya is so damn good. She is such a good technical wrestler and flies under the radar as far as talent goes. I’m certain she’ll have a successful future because her showings have been great.

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