REVIEW: Team Kick Scores a Win

Rapid Results:

  • Dakota Kai defeated Santana Garrett with a flipping backbreaker
  • Shayna Baszler called out the NXT Women’s Division
  • Bianca Belair took time out of her honeymoon to make a statement
  • Kairi Sane responded to Vanessa Borne’s threats from last week, confirming a singles match next week

The Rundown:

NXT opened with the explosive match between Dakota Kai and Santana Garrett. Dakota gets her in a headlock early on, but Santana trapped her arm and bent it behind her back. The two continuously exchange control until Santana takes her down with a shoulder thrust. After a series of transitions, Kai takes her down with a dropkick. Garrett then sends Dakota across the ring with a series of armdarg and traps her in a submission, then taking her down with a leg sweep. She ran off the ropes and flipped into a muta lock.

Dakota crawled to the ropes and latched on. Kai avoids a series of kicks from Santana and takes her down with a step-up enziguri. She continues the fight and gets her into the corner. She takes her down with her signature boot barrage and clocks her with a scorpion kick. As the stunned Santana hobbles to the middle, Dakota takes her out with a flipping backbreaker (not sure if it’s still called Kai-ropractor or Kai De Grâce now). Kai takes the win.

Shayna Baszler comes out to address the NXT Women’s Division. She recalls her win over Nikki Cross at Takeover. She then calls herself the most dominate woman the division has ever seen, guaranteeing that she will continue to be champion no matter what. She picks apart Bianca Belair, Kairi Sane, and Candice LeRae. She says the reason the MYC 2018 is even happening is to find a challenger for her to beat.

While on a cruise, Bianca Belair took the time to address the girls of NXT. She says while she’s on her honeymoon, she’s seeing all these girls tweet about how they deserve to be number one contender. She mocks each one of them and states that she’s undefeated and hasn’t been pinned by one of those bitches girls. She says she’ll give the girls some time to catch up, but it won’t happen.

Kairi Sane was being interviewed outside, responding to Vanessa Borne. She says she heard what Borne said and claims that she should focus more on wrestling. She offers Vanessa a match but states that she will make her walk the plank and take the treasure.


Santana vs Dakota was such a cute and fun match. They did great with the transitions and I still am obsessed with Kai’s finisher.

Bianca Belair is that girl. She is perfection on the mic and in-ring. I was disappointed she wasn’t at tapings, but that promo from her cruise was everything. She was really unbothered about the girls and exposed them for filth.

Next week we get Kairi vs Vanessa! I’m excited. I hope Kairi pulls the best out of Vanessa like she did with Lacey during their little feud.

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