REVIEW: Taynara Joins The Mae Young Classic

Rapid Results:

  • Nikki Cross defeated Amber Nova
  • Taynara Conti defeated Vanessa Borne to claim the final spot in the Mae Young Classic

The Rundown:

Nikki Cross and Amber Nova kick off the show in a singles bout. The two lock up and Nikki shoves Amber into the corner. Nova pushes her back  but Cross flips her with an armdrag. Nova went for a strike, but Nikki dropped her with a back suplex. She ran at Amber in the corner but she wrapped her legs around Nikki’s head. She then proceeded to bash Cross’s head off of the turnbuckle.

She slammed her to the canvas and mounted Cross to attack her with fists. She locked Cross in a straight jacket hold, but Nikki slammed her into the corner. She launched her off and fought Amber off from the corner. She took her down with a series of running forearms and went to the top rope. She took her down with a flying crossbody and finished her off with her neckbreaker (called The Purge). Nikki wins.

Vanessa Borne caught up with a backstage interviewer about her match with Taynara Conti later on. She says they [the interviewer]  wont leave her alone, but her game plan is simple. She states that since she’s caring and giving,  she doesn’t want to deprive the world of ‘The Vision of NXT’. She claims that the Mae Young Classic is supposedly for the top performers around the world, but that’s not possible without her in it. She reveals that the world will get what it deserves and she’ll take the final spot. She tells the interviewer to leave.

The bell rings and they go back and forth, scrambling for control. Taynara Conti flips her, but Vanessa slams her down and goes for a roll up. Conti kicks out and launches Borne with a monkey flip. Taynara locks up her arm but Vanessa escapes and runs her over with a shoulder thrust. Taynara grabs ahold of Vanessa’s waist, but Borne clubs her into the turnbuckles. She proceeds to bash her head off the turnbuckle multiple times. She constrains Taynara in a modified headlock, then transitioning it into a bodyscissors.

Borne went for an elbow drop, but Taynara rolled out of the way in time. She sprinted at Conti, but she ran out of the way. She slapped Vanessa’s body and kicked her in the gut. Vanessa tried to hold onto the ropes, but Taynara kicked her hands off. She began tossing Vanessa with different slams and Vanessa tried to escape the ring. Vanessa went for a crucifix, but Taynara transitioned it into a judo slam to pick up the win.


Amber Nova was fantastic. I hope she gets signed eventually based on her performance with Nikki. Although, I’ve seen her videos and know she can do a lot more.

Taynara vs Vanessa was so good. They have really grown in the ring and this was a great match. However, they should have aired this last week because Taynara was in the parade an hour before NXT even aired.

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