REVIEW: Sweet Dreams, Nikki Cross

Rapid Results:

  • Shayna Baszler defeated Nikki Cross by forcing her to sleep via Kirifuda Clutch

The Rundown:

The match started off with Nikki Cross attempting to instill fear into Shayna Baszler by a continuation of mind games. She lured her in and leaped on her back with a sleeper hold.  Shayna was able to flip her off. She went for the Kirifuda Clutch, but Nikki drove her into the turnbuckle, escaping early. She tried to kick Cross from the apron, but Nikki tripped her onto it instead. She then trapped her in-between the apron and canvas and ambushed the NXT Women’s Champion. Shayna got out and fled to the ramp, but Nikki leaped on her back once again.

Baszler slammed Nikki onto the metal platform before tossing Nikki in and driving her with a deadly knee. Shayna wore her down with a rest hold before sliding her forearm against Cross’s face. Baszler reapplied the submission, but Nikki got out. However, Shayna clocked her with a series of knees to her face. Nikki made a comeback and went after Shayna with forearms and a back suplex, then taking her down with a thez press.

Nikki continued the attack and soared through the air with a crossbody, taking Baszler out. Shayna tried to roll out of the ring, but Cross slammed her onto the apron with a reverse DDT. She set up to hit her neckbreaker, but Shayna reversed into a knee. She tried to lock Nikki up, but Cross rammed her into the turnbuckles. She propped her up and hit her with a wicked swinging neckbreaker. However, Shayna got her foot on the rope. She tried to pin Shayna with a crucifix pin, but Shayna transitioned it into the Kirifuda Clutch. After a long fight, Nikki fell asleep and Shayna retained her championship.


I’m not usually the one to be dramatic (well, that’s debatable), however, that was the most boring women’s match in NXT Takeover history. Frankly, I didn’t really expect much to begin with, but I was extremely disappointed by the end. The beginning was drawn out and didn’t need to be that long. We get it, Nikki is a lunatic and likes to play with Baszler.

And that’s not saying Nikki didn’t do good because Nikki Cross played her role fantastically, but the match lacked a lot. Nikki’s reverse DDT on the apron and swinging neckbreaker from the top rope were the only memorable moments. The rest was a continuous cycle of everything we’ve already seen, especially from Baszler.

This match didn’t do anything for us to be interested in Shayna nor her reign. You could probably count the amount of different moves she did on one hand. The division is stack beyond belief with talent from all over the world, and this is the performance that represented the NXT Women’s Division at NXT Takeover: Chicago. Incredibly disappointing. I mean, at least they got to see Bianca Belair vs Dakota Kai, which is set to air next week. Supposedly it was extremely good so keep an eye out for that!

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