REVIEW: SummerSlam Championship Match Confirmed

Rapid Results:

  • Asuka defeated Billie Kay with a series of kicks
  • Paige fired James Ellsworth, leaving Carmella stranded in her match tonight
  • Becky Lynch defeated Carmella, earning herself a title opportunity at SummerSlam!
  • Maryse made her return for the Miz&Mrs premiere party

The Rundown:

SmackDown LIVE kicked off with the arrival of Maryse, The Miz, and Monroe Sky! They exited the limo and prepared for their big Miz&Mrs premiere party later in the night.

After an undisclosed argument between Lana and Zelina Vega backstage, Rusev and Andrade faced off. The women took turns posing with their male connections to stir the pot. After the two men got laid out. Zelina and Lana shouted in each other’s face! Vega slapped Lana across the face and Lana speared her to the ground! She brought the fight to Zelina until Aiden English ran out and pulled Lana off. He got in between the two, but Vega tackled him from behind and he clashed into Lana! Rusev ultimately lost the match. After the match, Rusev told both Aiden and Lana maybe neither are good for Rusev Day.

After a social media threat, Asuka looked to put an end to Billie Kay. Asuka latched onto Billie’s arm early on, but Kay flipped her with a suplex after Peyton Royce distracted Asuka. Kay started to push The Empress around but was met with a dropkick and then a knee to her skull. She nailed Kay with a sliding kick and went for a ankle lock, but she held onto Royce’s hands. Asuka pushed her into her partner and went for a German suplex, but Billie held onto the ropes. She went for a big boot, but Asuka dodged and clocked her with a vicious kick. She followed up with two more knockout kicks and got the win!

Paige was announcing AJ Styles’s opponent for SummerSlam when James Ellsworth came out. His attitude resulted in Paige firing him and kicking him out of the door…literally. Carmella was backstage and told Paige all the power has gone to her head. She calls Paige rude for firing James like that. Paige says ‘Mella is money’ and she can buy herself a new boyfriend. Carmella tells Paige to keep hating because she’s still her champion. She tells Paige to forget Becky’s match at SummerSlam because she’s beaten Charlotte, Asuka, and she’s about to beat Becky Lynch…right now.

The bell rings and Becky Lynch takes Carmella down quick and goes for a Dis arm her! However, Carmella latches onto the ropes. Lynch goes for it again, but ‘Mella counters with a roll up. She then tosses Becky to the canvas with a hair pull slam. Becky took her down with a forearm and another from the apron.

Carmella escaped to ringside and threw Becky into the barricade when she tried to follow. After a close countout, she sprinted back into the ring. Carmella ambushed her with forearms before restraining her with a headlock. Becky fights out, but Carmella launches her with a headscissors. Lynch kicks her in the corner, but ‘Mella responds by slamming her to the canvas. She shouted in Becky’s face, but got hit with a dropkick in response. Lynch fires with fists and nailed the champion with a comeback.

Carmella blocked a Bexploder with a STO and slammed her into the mat. She went for a middle rope DDT, but Becky sent her flying with a Bexploder. She climbed to the top, but Carmella hit the rope so Becky would fall. She then dropped her from the top rope with a handstand headscissors. She then went for a superkick, but Lynch blocked and snatched her arm. Carmella bonked her off the turnbuckle and went for a roll up, using the ropes to her advantage. However, Becky still kicked out!

Becky took her down with an enziguri and went back to the top rope. She went for her leg drop and Carmella rolled out of the way! Bleeding mouth and all, ‘Mella nails Becky with a superkick! She goes for the pin, but Becky escapes. Lynch catches her arm and pulls her in the Dis arm her! Becky Lynch wins and gets a title opportunity at SummerSlam!

Maryse and Miz entered the ring for their premiere party. Maryse briefly mentions Evolution and says the evolution started with her. She gives a rundown of the show before Miz starts talking again. Maryse began yelling at Daniel Bryan when Miz took him out.

Smack Talk:

SmackDown was good! Carmella and Becky had such a good match, I’m interested in the SummerSlam bout now.

Maryse’s return was legendary. Wrestling royalty looked amazing and I was so happy to see her back in WWE.

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