REVIEW: Shayna’s Brutual Beatdown

Rapid Results:

  • Shayna Baszler defeated Candice LeRae via Kirifuda Clutch

The Rundown:

The bell rings and Shayna Baszler gestures for Candice to leave. Candice LeRae dropkicks Shayna to ringside. She goes for a dive, but Baszler flees. However, she connects with a baseball slide dropkick and slams Shayna into the barricade. She nailed Baszler with a rope-assisted jawbreaker and flung her around with a series of arm drags. LeRae went for a springboard arm drag, but Shayna slammed her onto the ropes. She then launched her into the steel steps, but Candice reentered at a 9 count. Shayna began bending LeRae’s arm in every direction. She threw her into the turnbuckle and continued to target the arm.

Candice slapped her across the face, but Baszler snatched her arm and bent it behind her back. Candice pulled Shayna into the corner and nailed her with an enziguri. She went after the champion with forearms and chops. She then drove Shayna into the canvas with a middle rope facebuster. LeRae continued the attack by clocking Baszler with a suicide dive and a top-rope DDT! Although, Shayna stayed in it. Candice aimed to go high-risk again, but Shayna stopped her. After a scuffle on top, Shayna slammed her and locked in the Kirifuda Clutch! Candice luckily snatched the ropes to break the hold.

Candice nailed her with a kick, but Shayna went for another submission. LeRae rolled out and jumped onto Shayna’s chest. She then nailed her with the Unprettier and went for the lionsault, but Shayna rolled out of the way. She nailed her with a knee and locked in the Kirifuda Clutch, forcing Candice to tap.

After the match, Shayna went back after Candice and relocked in her submission. Kairi Sane sprinted out but the referees held her back. Sane went to check on LeRae and Shayna kicked her from behind. Kairi lunged at Baszler, but the referees held her back once again.


The match was mad good. Probably Shayna’s best match since coming to NXT, at least that’s what it seems. The after-match segment was messy though. How are the referees stopping Kairi two times but casually let Shayna clock them both. Anyways, I think the title match at Brooklyn will be quite exciting.

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