REVIEW: Mandy Rose Gets Scorched

Rapid Results:

  • Becky Lynch defeated Mandy Rose with the Dis-arm-her
  • ANNOUNCED: Becky Lynch will battle Carmella next week, and if she wins, she will get a title opportunity at SummerSlam

The Rundown:

Aiden English approached Lana backstage regarding Rusev’s defeat at Extreme Rules. Lana hints at the idea that Rusev is better without him and that he needs to apologize to Rusev instead.

The bell rings and the two lock up. They begin twisting each other’s arms until Mandy Rose nails her with a right hand. She goes for a bicycle knee, but Becky Lynch counters and sends her to the corner. She hits her with a kick and goes to take Sonya Deville out. However, Deville dodges Lynch. Becky tries to go after Rose, but Mandy slams her to the canvas.

The bombshell ambushes her and flips her with a suplex. She then locks her up in an abdominal stretch, but Lynch escapes. She tosses Becky to the corner and takes her out with a beautiful dropkick. She then runs off the ropes and clocks her with the bicycle knee, able to connect this time.

She reapplied the abdominal stretch, but Becky ducked her clothesline and executed a series of roll-ups, attempting to put her away. She then took Mandy out with a comeback, then flipping her with a Bexploder. She snatched Mandy’s arm and locked in the Dis-arm-her. Mandy taps.

Becky Lynch gets a microphone. She says winning feels great and she has been patiently waiting. She says she’s been racking up wins lately and warns Carmella that straight fire is coming for her.

Paige was seen backstage as Carmella came into frame. Carmella insists that Paige throws her a Mellabration next week due to her defeating not only Charlotte twice, but also Asuka. Paige announces that Carmella will face Becky next week and if Lynch wins, she will get a championship opportunity at SummerSlam.

Smack Talk:

The match was cute or whatever. Mandy Rose was robbed but it’s fine.

I don’t know how I feel with Becky vs Carmella at SummerSlam. I’m kinda hoping someone gets involved and it becomes a triple threat.

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