REVIEW: LeRae’s New Focus

Rapid Results:

  • Vanessa Borne sent a threat to Kairi Sane, promising that Kairi won’t be walking out of their match next week
  • Candice LeRae defeated Lacey Evans with a springboard moonsault

The Rundown:

With an abundance of interviewers nearby, Vanessa Borne asks why Kairi dresses like a pirate. She says it’s stupid and what makes it worse is that everyone loves her for it. She calls herself a vision and says when she’s done with Kairi, vowing to make sure she doesn’t walk out of the ring, she’ll be the one on the posters and selling merchandise.

Candice LeRae looked to get back on track by taking on the fierce Lacey Evans. Lacey Evans sedates Candice early on and plows her over with a shoulder tackle. She continued to outsmart LeRae until Candice capitalized with a series of arm drags.

Lacey shoved LeRae into the corner and began pulling her arm along the rope. She then kicked her hand back and tripped her, allowing her to slam Candice’s arm into the ring post. She began making it her mission to target Candice’s arm. She rubbed her knee against it, continued to kick it, and added pressure to it. Candice tried to fight back with a roll-up, but Evans launched her into the canvas by tugging her arm down. She then trapped her arm into the ropes and wrapped her leg around LeRae’s head.

She pushed Candice around before attempting to wear her out with a cobra clutch. Unfortunately for her, the crowd rallied behind Candice, giving her the spritz of energy to escape…or not. Lacey slammed her back down and tightened the hold. Candice was able to fling her off and shock her with a back elbow. She kept Evans down with a rolling neck snap and a single-legged dropkick. Lacey got up, but Candice fired away with firearms and chops. She then took Evans down with a rope-assisted DDT and slammed her into the canvas with a double underhooked facebuster. She then leaped off the ropes with a stunning springboard crossbody to pick up a win.

After the match, Candice caught up with Cathy Kelly backstage. She says Johnny’s drama has distracted her from her own career. She says she worries about him mentally and physically, but she can’t let what he’s doing ruin her dream. She reveals that his drive and passion inspire her and nothing will stop her from chasing the NXT Women’s Championship.


Vanessa was spitting truth! I’m so excited for her match next week and ready to see how she brings it to Kairi this time.

Lacey and Candice worked fantastically together. The match itself was decently good to me, but it wasn’t my favorite. Although, they did do great in it.

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