REVIEW: Just Call Her Becky Balboa

Rapid Results:

  • James Ellsworth vs Asuka ended in a double countout
  • Becky Lynch defeated Peyton Royce via Dis-arm-her
  • NEXT WEEK: James Ellsworth will have a rematch against Asuka in a Lumberjill Match!

The Rundown:

Carmella joined the commentary team for the match between Asuka and James Ellsworth. James took time to warm up, but Asuka shoved him to ringside. Carmella instructed James to get back in the ring. Upon doing so, Asuka nailed him with strikes and he retreated to ringside once again. He entered the ring and Asuka clocked him with fists.

She got him on her shoulders and spun him around before putting him down on his feet. Ellsworth was hobbling around and Asuka hit him with the loudest slap I’ve heard in WWE history. She took him down with a spinning backfist and Ellsworth ran through the crowd! Asuka chased him and the two got counted out! They jumped over the barricade and Carmella shoved Asuka into it! She grabbed James by his hair and dragged him backstage.

Paige informed James and Carmella that he will face Asuka in a rematch next week in a lumberjill match.

Becky Lynch was determined to continue her winning streak when she battled against Peyton Royce. Royce tackled Lynch into the corner and thrusted her gut. Becky took her down with a hip attack. Billie Kay tried to get involved, but Becky kept the momentum on her side. She ascended the ropes, but Peyton stunned her. She nailed her with a kick and and slammed her with a death valley driver. She locked Becky up in an abdominal stretch, but Becky flipped her off. Peyton tripped her into the ropes and choked her against them.

She then tied Lynch back up, attempting to wear her down. She escaped and fought Peyton off. Royce tried to hit her with a spinning heel kick, but Becky ducked and threw her with a Bexploder. She sprinted at Peyton, but the Venus Flytrap kicked Becky to the ground. She then capitalized with a knee to the side of Lynch’s head. Peyton placed Becky on her shoulders, but Lynch slipped off with a crucifix. She then rolled Peyton over and locked in the Dis-arm-her, picking up the win.

Smack Talk:

Asuka vs James was a joke. I realize that it was supposed to be, but the fact we’re getting a rematch in a lumberjill match is…extra. At least we’ll see Mandy Rose at ringside!

Peyton Royce vs Becky Lynch was actually such a cute match. You can tell it was rushed because they were moving with quickness, but the sequences were really good. I’d love to see them battle in a longer match.

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