REVIEW: Friends On Tuesday, Foes On Sunday

Rapid Results:

  • The Women’s Summit was crashed by Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, and The IIconics
  • Asuka got the win for her team by tapping Carmella out

The Rundown:

Paige kicked SmackDown LIVE off with the four participants in the Women’s MITB Ladder Match. She praises the four women who qualified and says she doesn’t care who wins, just as long as it comes back to the blue brand. Lana chimes in and says she’ll bring it back for Paige. Naomi shouted over her and Lana said she hopes Naomi can climb ladders better than she can dance. Naomi says she’ll snatch Lana bald and reminds everyone she won the first ever WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal. Charlotte Flair says that is true, but the only reason she won was because she wasn’t in it. She goes on to recite her accolades and says the only thing she hasn’t done is win the Money in the Bank and promises to do so on Sunday. Becky Lynch says she loves everyone’s confidence, but if the contract is returning to SmackDown LIVE, it will be because of her. Becky says she’s sick of saying “she was” about things and states that she is going to win and take the title from Carmella or Asuka. After Lynch comes for Charlotte, Naomi informs her that there are more girls in the match than just them.

The IIconics’s theme hits! Peyton Royce says it will take a miracle to bring the contract back to SmackDown LIVE with those four participants. Billie Kay insults the crowd before Peyton takes part in impersonations. Royce mocks Lynch and Billie embarrasses Flair. Naomi yells over them, asking if they are done. The IIconics say they didn’t forget about Naomi and they reenact her dance off against Lana. Mandy Rose’s theme hits and the remaining partners of the disbanded group of Absolution show up. Mandy Rose says Paige is going to be disappointed on Sunday. She and Sonya Deville state that the talent outside the ring is far superior than inside the ring. The women in the ring run out and all 8 girls start brawling!

Paige encounters Asuka backstage. Asuka states that she wants Carmella tonight. Paige announces that they both will be added to the big women’s tag team match in the main event.

Carmella is backstage getting glammed when Renee Young approaches her. She tells her to move because she doesn’t want her in her Instagram. Young asks if Carmella is concerned about Asuka tonight. Carmella laughs and says she isn’t worried after laying her out last week. She says the women in the MITB Ladder Match should be worried, but Asuka should be more than worried come Sunday.

After making their entrances, Naomi and Sonya start off the match. Sonya goes for a kick, and after a series of transitions, Naomi sends Sonya off with a hurricarana. She tags Lana in, who hits Sonya with a running elbow and neckbreaker. Sonya tackles her to her corner and tags Carmella in. Carmella goes for a bronco buster, but Lana rolls out of the way. She tries to pull her away, but Lana shoves her off and tags Becky in. Lynch takes Carmella down with a series of running strikes and an exploder suplex. Peyton tags in and Billie hits Becky from behind. She swats Kay off of the apron but turns around to get kicked by Royce. She tags Billie in and they double team the former champion. Sonya comes back in and keeps Becky down with strikes to her stomach.

We return from commercial and Billie is bringing the fight to Becky. Royce and Deville tag in and out and go after Lynch. Sonya takes Becky down with her incredible spear as Kay enters and locks Becky in a rest hold. Lynch takes her down with an enziguri and Charlotte and Peyton enter. Flair takes Peyton down with chops as Billie runs in. She tosses her with a fallaway slam and takes Royce out with a spear. She goes for a moonsault, but Peyton gets her feet up. Mandy tags in and takes Charlotte down with a bicycle knee as Sonya clocks her with a sliding knee. They go to double suplex her, but she counters and fights them off. Asuka gets tagged in and she hits Mandy with a top rope drop kick. Mandy fights her off and goes for a Bed of Roses, but Asuka reverses with an AsukaLock. Her partners break it up as Asuka’s team takes them out. Everyone brawls until Carmella tags herself in. Mandy dodges a moonsault from Charlotte and a crossbody from Naomi, however everyone else fails to do so. Rose runs in and goes after Asuka, but she knocks her out cold with a kick! Carmella than nails Asuka with a superkick! She goes for the cover but Lana breaks the pin! ‘Mella tosses her to ringside and ducks a kick by Asuka. She tries to roll her up, but The Empress kicks out and locks her in the AsukaLock! Carmella taps!

After the match, the four competitors cornered Asuka, realizing that they might be cashing in on her for the championship after Sunday.

Smack Talk:

The opening segment was cute or whatever, but I really enjoyed the tag match! I really liked how the teams panned out and how they all worked together. Lana playing a face was really entertaining and fits her a lot better. I was shook when Carmella almost won with the superkick but Lana broke it.

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