REVIEW: Feeling The Ravishing Glow

Rapid Results:

  • Lana defeated Billie Kay with a facebuster to qualify for the MITB Ladder Match
  • Naomi won her MITB Ladder Match qualifier by rolling up Sonya Deville

The Rundown:

After Billie Kay and Peyton Royce sang their own rendition of “Lana is the Best, Lana number one”, they gave Jillian Hall a run for her money with their pitchy vocals. The bell rang and Aiden English pulled out a “Lana Day” sign.

He paraded around the ring as The IIconics ran to ringside the stop him. Peyton slapped him across the face, but Lana slapped her and threw her into the barricade! Billie elbowed Lana and threw her into the ring, but Lana drove her with a superkick and a facebuster! She covered Billie and picked up the win! Lana has qualified for Money in the Bank!

Zelina Vega sent a message to the entire SmackDown LIVE Men’s Division regarding Andrade’s treatment thus far, calling him the future of SmackDown LIVE.

The camera showed Asuka’s mask, but Carmella was behind it. Dasha Fuentes asked how Carmella will prepare for someone as dominate as Asuka. Carmella joked about her reign coming to an end, before calling Dasha a hater. She says everyone is scared of Asuka, but she’s not. She says Charlotte defeated Asuka and she beat Charlotte twice, meaning she’s twice as good as Asuka. She vows to moonwalk across Asuka’s face and prove that Mella is Money.

Sonya Deville put her hair up to square up with a determined Naomi. The bell rang and Sonya flung her to the canvas, going for a pin and a waist lock several times. Naomi rolled her up, but Deville kicked out.

They each go for leg sweeps and kicks, but the other ducks. Sonya caught her leg and pushed her into a split. She went to kick her, but Naomi rolled her up. Naomi went to capitalize, but Sonya drilled her with a vicious spear. Deville stayed on Naomi, rocking her with strikes and a spine-rattling knee.

She locked Naomi up with a bodyscissor, but Naomi got her to feet with her on her back. She managed to escape, but Sonya caught her and slammed her with a spinebuster.

She tormented Naomi in the corner, but Naomi managed to fight her off. They go back and forth with kicks until they both hit an enziguri, knocking both off of their feet. Sonya got to her feet first and hit Naomi with a series of knees. However, Naomi countered her next attack with a roll up and picked up the win! Naomi has qualified for Money in the Bank!

Smack Talk:

Okay. I am happy for Lana, I truly am. But she’s in over Billie? Did I miss something? I’m really confused on why WWE is doing Absolution and The IIconics dirty all of a sudden. There is no need for half of the competitors to be from last years MITB Ladder Match or a champion last month. This match is rubbing me the wrong way. But I hope it turns out good.

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