REVIEW: Dance All Night & Ready For Asuka

Rapid Results:

  • Lana and Naomi battled in a Dance Off, which ended with Lana taking Naomi out with a neckbreaker
  • Asuka defeated Mandy Rose before having a stare down with Carmella
  • NEXT WEEK: Lana will team with Aiden English to take on Naomi and Jimmy Uso
  • NEXT WEEK: Charlotte Flair takes on Becky Lynch

The Rundown:

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville approached Paige backstage. They say Paige has been giving opportunities to people that don’t deserve them, such as Asuka. Paige tries to justify Asuka’s involvement in the title picture, but Sonya asks what has she done lately. They say she lost to Charlotte at WrestleMania and lost in her first SmackDown LIVE match. Paige says Mandy can witness what Asuka is all about when she faces her tonight.

Lana and Naomi gear up for their dance off with back up in their corners. Lana kicked off the dance battle and shared her dance routine, ending with a Lana-rooni. Naomi then performed her routine, ending with an incredible split. The women danced together and they hugged it out. Lana then took a cheap shot and nailed Naomi with a neckbreaker! She then slapped one of the Usos across the face. Naomi slapped her and all six brawled, Aiden English and Rusev got sent to ringside as Naomi nailed Lana with a Rear View.

Carmella joined commentary for the upcoming matchup. Asuka was making her entrance for her match up when Sonya Deville plowed her from behind! Mandy Rose instructed Asuka to enter the ring as Sonya left. Mandy speared Asuka in the corner and ambushed her with forearms and kicks right off the bat! Asuka tried to clock Mandy, but Rose ducked and nailed her spine with a forearm. Asuka tried to fight her off, but Mandy caught her leg and flipped her with an inverted side slam. She capitalized and dug her knee into Asuka’s back. Asuka got to her feet, but Rose slammed her knee into Asuka’s gut, then knocking her off of her feet with a dropkick.

Asuka stumbled to her feet only to get a face full of knee from Mandy Rose. She slapped Asuka around and applied an abdominal stretch, contorting Asuka’s body. Asuka fought out and went for a backslide, but Mandy kicked out. She then ran at Rose, but God’s Greatest Creation slammed her into the canvas with a wheelbarrow facebuster. She went for Bed of Roses, but Asuka wiggled out. Rose tried to hit a knee, but Asuka knocked her out cold with a kick.

They went back and forth exchanging blows until Asuka stayed on Mandy with kicks. She bounced Rose’s skull off of her knee and slapped her across her face. She nailed her with a sliding kick and a hip attack in the corner. Mandy’s chances were withering away as Asuka ascended to the top rope and hit her with a flying dropkick. Rose kicked out and managed to dodge Asuka’s incoming hip attack. She hit her with a clothesline and went for another wheelbarrow facebuster, but Asuka rolled through with a roll up. Asuka went to lock in the AsukaLock, but Mandy elbowed her in the jaw and went for a pin. However, Asuka rolled her over and locked her in. Mandy Rose tapped out!

Carmella left the commentary table, entering the ring. She smirked at Asuka before leaving with her title.

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch were backstage talking about their chances in the MITB Ladder Match. Charlotte says she wants Becky to win, but she needs it. Becky promises that she will win because she was fingertips from winning last time.

Smack Talk:

I was cringing at the Dance-Off. Not that they did bad, but why couldn’t they have had a match? To me it seems like they’re trying to keep Lana out of a lengthy singles match for some reason. Maybe she’s going to surprise us at Money in the Bank with a bomb performance.

Asuka vs Mandy was so good. Mandy Rose is really becoming a star and she did amazing in the match. I’m really waiting for them to pull the trigger with her and let her do something huge.

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