REVIEW: Charlotte Changes Everything

Rapid Results:

  • Charlotte Flair made her return to save Becky Lynch as Carmella aimed to lay Becky out with a chair.
  • Zelina Vega defeated Lana with a roll-up
  • Charlotte Flair defeated Carmella to join the SmackDown LIVE Women’s Championship Match at SummerSlam

The Rundown:

SmackDown LIVE kicked off with Renee Young welcoming Becky Lynch to the ring. Lynch says she hasn’t even had a title match since WrestleMania 33 and how it’s taken her so much to climb back to the top. She says she’s now remembered how it is to be champion and she’s fought to be exactly that. Carmella makes her entrance with a much more serious approach. Carmella says Becky beat her fair and earned her opportunity. She says she feels like she’s failed as champion. She says she’s jealous of Becky and reflects on her own past regarding how everyone told her she would only be a manager. Carmella says Becky was the centerpiece and she was an afterthought. Carmella fake cries about the fans hating her and offers Lynch a handshake. James Ellsworth theme hits! Carmella clubs Becky with the title and nails her with a superkick! She brings a chair in the ring and goes for a DDT, but Charlotte Flair runs out! She boots the chair out of Carmella’s hands and throws her with a fallaway slam.

Paige informed Carmella that she will face Charlotte, and if Charlotte wins, the match at SummerSlam becomes a triple threat.

Becky Lynch seemed displeased with the match between Carmella and Charlotte, but informs Renee that she would never root against her best friend.

Lana makes her entrance, preparing to silence Zelina Vega after her tactics last week. The bell rings and Zelina Vega rolls under Lana before posing on the canvas. They go back and forth until Lana spears her to the ground. Zelina retreated to ringside as Lana waited for her to get back in. The two lock up and Lana wrenches her arm. Vega tosses her to the corner, but Lana bumps her head with her foot and slams her with a bulldog. Zelina launched Lana into the ropes and began choking her against it. Zelina wrapped her arm around Lana’s neck and began choking her. Lana tried to fight out, but Zelina slammed her back down. She jumped on her back for a sleeper, but Lana rammed her into the corner. Vega slammed Lana back into the corner and hit her with a kick. She then took a note out of Andrade’s book and drilled her knees into Lana’s face. Zelina then set up for the hammerlock DDT, but Lana flipped her. She then took her down with a neckbreaker and jumped on her with her knees. Andrade tried to distract Lana, but she hit Zelina away. Suddenly, Aiden English ran out and pulled Andrade off the apron. Lana got stunned against the ropes and Zelina rolled her up! Vega wins.

Aiden apologizes to Lana backstage. She tells him the best thing to do is to leave. Rusev says that would have never happened if he was out there. Lana says Rusev may say he needs space and such, but she needed him out there.

In the main event,  Charlotte Flair and Carmella battled with huge SummerSlam stakes on the line. Before the match, Carmella says she wants Becky alone because she knows she can beat her and claims Lynch is rooting for her tonight. The two lock up and Charlotte brings her to the corner. She tries to chop her, but Carmella ducks. With Becky watching from backstage, Charlotte goes for a Figure 8 after Carmella reversed her suplex. Flair takes her down with a shoulder thrust and fallaway suplex. She went for a crossbody over the ropes, but Carmella moved out of the way and threw her into the apron. She then whips her into the barricade.

We return from commercial and Charlotte nails Carmella with a series of chops following a double axe handle from the top rope. She drops ‘Mella with a suplex and goes to the top. She soars with a moonsault, but Carmella gets her feet up. The champion throws her to ringside and tells the referee to count her out. Carmella kicked her back to ringside and goes for a superkick at ringside. Flair went for a boot, but Carmella ducked. She flips Charlotte into the barricade with a headscissors and throws her into the timekeepers area! She beats the count but Carmella ambushes her upon entering the ring. She tightens her arm around Charlotte’s neck, attempting to put her out. Charlotte slams her into the corner, but Carmella throws her into the turnbuckles. She kicks Charlotte, but Flair bounces off then ropes and nails her with a big boot! Charlotte goes for the Figure 8 once again, but Carmella scoots to ringside. Flair baseball slide kicks her into the barricade and mounts the barricade. She then flips with a moonsault! She throws her in and drills her into the mat with Natural Selection! After a scuffle, Carmella rolls Flair up, but Charlotte kicks out. She then clocks her with a quick superkick! Charlotte stays in it. Carmella mocks Charlotte and goes for the Figure 8, but Flair escapes and locks it in! Charlotte wins and is going to SummerSlam!

Smack Talk:

I loved SmackDown! Might be a heavy bias because I was there in attendance, but both matches were actually very good.

Lana has been improving and her battle against Zelina was quite entertaining. Zelina’s gear and crown were everything. They brought personality and story to the match and I really enjoyed it. I hope this is leading into Zelina becoming a wrestler on SmackDown, at least part time.

Charlotte and Carmella did so good in the main event. Definitely their best match to date. I was so happy to see Flair again and the fact I got to see it live made it insanely better. They told a fantastic story throughout and kept me invested! I’m loving this triple threat already.

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