REVIEW: Carmella Clocks Asuka & Becky Battles Billie

Rapid Results:

  • Asuka crashed Carmella’s celebration, only to get super kicked by the SmackDown LIVE Women’s Champion
  • Becky Lynch defeated Billie Kay with the Dis-arm-her

The Rundown:

Carmella kicks SmackDown LIVE off by reciting a monologue about her so-called confidence issues. She swerves the crowd, telling them to always remember to look into the mirror and recite “Mella is Money” – maybe she’ll appear and superkick you if you say it three times. Anyways, Asuka’s theme hits and she makes her way to the ring. However, she’s looking very scrawny. Ah yes, because it’s James Ellsworth, as revealed when he removes the mask. The two hug it out before James lists a selection of girls Carmella is better than.  The list included the likes of Trish Stratus, Mother Theresa, Ronda Rousey, and even Beyoncé. Asuka runs down to the ring and takes James out with a kick. Carmella quickly knocked Asuka down with a superkick and fled the ring with Ellsworth.

Becky Lynch looked to gain a win following her huge loss at Money in the Bank against Billie Kay. Billie Kay asks Peyton where they are and Peyton Royce botches the pronunciation of the city. Kay asks what there is to do in it and Royce mentions a zoo. Kay concludes that’s why there is so many smelly animals in the audience tonight! According to Billie, since they’re talking about things that smell, why not talk about Becky. Peyton knocks a Lynch impersonation out of the park, calling her a loser and better off as Charlotte’s troll sidekick. Kay tells Becky to continue to live in the past because the future is iconic.

The bell rings and Becky Lynch tackles Billie to the canvas. She fires away with strikes and Kay tries to flee to the ropes, but Lynch pulls her off and continues the attack. Becky nailed her with a Bexplex, sending her to ringside. She tossed Billie in and dodged an attack by Royce. Kay pushed Becky into the ring post and capitalized on the circumstance.

Becky tried to fight her off, but Kay dumped her to ringside. She slammed her head along the apron multiple times until Becky was able to reciprocate it. Kay drilled her knee into Lynch’s stomach and had the control back on her side. She flipped her with a suplex and locked her in a headlock. Becky escaped and went for the Dis-arm-her, but Billie held onto the ropes. She then took her out with an eat defeat, popping her feet into Becky’s jaw.

She knocked her around before reapplying the headlock. Becky tried to fight back, but Billie nailed her with a spinning forearm. She then propped her over the bottom rope and choked her with it, allowing Peyton to cheap-shot her when the referee got to a 4 count. Becky eventually battled back and took Billie down with a shoulder attack from the ropes and a comeback sequence. She got Billie to ringside and went to take The IIconics out with a crossbody. However, she only landed on Royce. Billie snuck into the ring and tried to take Becky down with a suplex. Becky countered and rolled through with a Dis-arm-her. Billie Kay tapped.

Smack Talk:

Is Billie ever going to win? The IIconics debuted and have done nothing since. I do not understand why Becky is suddenly winning every week unless she’s going to be facing for the title after Asuka vs Carmella is over.

SmackDown was honestly quite boring this week. No Mandy Rose, and Billie lost again, and the MITB Ladder Match participants weren’t even mentioned (except Becky).

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