REVIEW: Brooklyn Bound

Rapid Results:

  • Lacey Evans defeated Tenilla Price
  • Kairi Sane and Shayna Baszler made their title match official with a contact signing

The Rundown:

William Regal joined the two women in a boardroom for their contract signing. He dubs it a “Mae Young Classic Rematch” when Shayna Baszler cuts him off. She says this isn’t a rematch because she’s beaten Kairi since then. She says a year ago she was a totally different competitor and there’s a reason she’s risen to the top of the Women’s Division. Baszler tells Kairi that the only reason she’s living off the past is because she’s nothing since. Kairi Sane took the booklet and signed her name. Shayna claims Kairi is living in a fantasy just like every other woman who failed to beat her. Sane says Shayna knows that she will beat her at Brooklyn. Shayna signs the contract and threatens Kairi that she will retain.

Lacey Evans shoves Tenilla Price into the corner early on. She then launches her across the ring with a hair toss. Evans nails Price with her rope assisted bronco buster and began bending her arm over the rope with her leg. She began pulling Tenilla’s hair from the apron and then hit her with a kick to her shoulder. She tugged Price back over by her hair and elbowed the back of her neck repeatedly. She then tripped Price and nailed her with a slingshot elbow. She continued to hit her with a neckbreaker and went for a handstand splash, but Tenilla got her knees up. Evans bounced to the corner. Price showed off her athleticism, but Lacey clocked her with a Woman’s Right after her handspring. Lacey picks up the win.

Bianca Belair was backstage being interviewed. After being asked about her recovery, Belair states that she doesn’t have to explain herself to anybody. She says she’s hurt and it is what it is. She says proven herself and she’s giving these girls to catch up, but they can’t. She claims when she returns she’ll get what she deserves because she’s undefeated.

Candice LeRae approached Shayna Baszler backstage. Baszler told Candice to slap her, but someone restrained Candice from doing so.


NXT was decent. Lots of little moments for the girls that were enjoyable. I’m looking forward to Bianca’s return. I want to see her put away established talent and end up taking the title from Kairi down the road.

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