REVIEW: Best Frenemies For Life

Rapid Results:

  • Asuka spoke about Nia Jax, but got attacked by The Irresistible Force
  • Sasha Banks tapped Alexa Bliss out to get the victory for her team

The Rundown:

Renee asks Asuka if she is concerned that her WrestleMania match will become a triple threat. Asuka responds by saying that she conjures up her own destiny and her destiny is to win the championship at WrestleMania. Renee then reflects on what Nia said previously regarding her ability to break the streak and asks what Asuka’s response to that is.

The Empress’ says that those are strong words from a strong woman. She then states that Nia didn’t look too strong during their last match when Nia was limping away. Then mentioning Nia’s claims that she will ruin Asuka’s face so bad that she will have to wear her mask full time, Renee asks for Asuka’s response to that. Asuka says Nia is all talk, but on Sunday she will not be talking, she will be tapping out.

Nia Jax ran from the crowd, but Asuka was prepared and tried to fight her off. She went to the top rope, but Nia tugged her off by her foot and dropped her with a Samoan drop. She then nailed her opponent this Sunday with 3 devastating leg drops.

A video package of Ronda Rousey‘s debut at Royal Rumble and her past career aired, preparing us for her contract signing at Elimination Chamber.

Dana Brooke joined Titus Worldwide in tag team effort. Titus and Apollo picked up the win.

In the main event, Sasha Banks joined forces with Bayley and Mickie James to take on Absolution’s Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville and Alexa Bliss. Mickie James and Alexa Bliss were set to start the match off, but Bliss tagged Sonya Deville in, having no intensions to face Mickie. Sonya took Mickie off her feet, but James swiped Deville’s feet and tagged Sasha Banks in. Sonya wretched Sasha’s arm and took her into the corner, then tagging Mandy Rose in. Rose forearmed Banks and tried to slam her, but Sasha slipped out and bashed Mandy’s head into the turnbuckle. She then brought her to her team’s corner and tagged Bayley in.

Bayley tried to hold Rose from behind, but Mandy pulled Bayley’s foot from under her. The Huggable One tried to flip The Golden Goddess with her feet, But Mandy countered with a cartwheel. She got into Bayley’s face and whipped her hair into it. Bayley speared Mandy into the corner and stomped her many times before hitting Rose with a suplex. Mandy then rolled out of the ring and recollected her energy.

Back from commercial and Mandy has Bayley locked up. Bayley reverses with a roll up, but Mandy kicks out and sends her to her team’s corner. Bayley knocked Sonya off the apron and slammed Mandy face first into the turnbuckle. She tried to crawl to her corner, but Mandy held onto her. She drilled Mandy with elbows and a knee, but Rose wouldn’t let go. Mandy tossed Bayley into the corner, but Bayley leaped up. However, Mandy caught her and slammed her onto the canvas. Mandy got on top of Bayley and nailed her head with forearms. Alexa tagged herself in and she began taking it to Bayley. Bayley was able to hit Alexa off the turnbuckle, but Alexa got the advantage again and slapped Bayley across the face.

Sonya got tagged in once again. Deville tied Bayley up with a bodyscissors until Bayley got her in a pin followed up by a jaw breaker. Bayley tried to tag Sasha in, but Sonya caught her. Bayley was almost able to wiggle out, but fellow Absolution partner, Mandy, ran in and pulled Bayley back. Sonya tried to clothesline her, but Bayley ducked and tagged Sasha in! However, the referee was distracted with Mandy and didn’t see the tag. As Sasha fires away with fists, the referee pries her off  and says the tag was illegal. Mandy ran in and grabbed Bayley’s foot. She tried to drag her, but Bayley pulled Mandy into Sasha! Sasha got knocked out of the ring and Bayley tagged Mickie James. James nailed Mandy with a comeback sequence and nailed Sonya off the apron. She went to the top and hit Mandy with a senton, then hitting Deville with a neckbreaker.

She then dropkicked Sonya through the ropes, but was met with Mandy’s knee when she turned around. Mandy tried to pin, but the referee claimed Mickie’s foot was under the rope. She tries to go for another but Mickie kicks out and rolls over her (?). Mandy got on top of Mickie and hit her with forearms before picking her up and stretching her. Mickie tried reaching to her corner, but Mandy flipped her over and nailed her with an inverted gutwrench suplex (I think that’s the term for it). Sonya got back in and was hitting James with strikes when Mickie was able to send Deville flying with a hurricarana. Mickie struggled to her corner, but Sonya scooped her up and slammed her. She then tagged Mandy in and the two tried to hit a double suplex on the veteran, but she landed on her feet and hit both with a neckbreaker! Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks get tagged in and Sasha hits a sequence on Bliss. In the midst of fighting Alexa, she runs across the apron and takes out Sonya with a double knees!

She got Bliss back into the corner and leaped over the ropes and hit Alexa with a unique take on her double knees, then going to the top and drilling her knees into Bliss once again! Mandy ran in to break a pin, but Bayley evened the odds. Alexa tried to roll Banks up, but she countered with a pin of her own. Bliss then took matters into her own hands and bashed Sasha’s skull into the middle turnbuckle. She then picked her up and went for the DDT, but Sasha rolled out and trapped her into the Bank Statement! Alexa Bliss taps!

Absolution tackled Sasha from behind and then Bayley after her attempt to save Sasha. They then turn their attention to Alexa, but Mickie James runs in and takes Mandy out! The two then hit Sonya with a double DDT. Is this the start of something special?

RAW Talk:

I’m shocked the women main evented honestly. Last night when I was watching live, I was extremely disappointed. However, rewatching it and I didn’t hate it as much, but it still wasn’t good. I’m not sure if they didn’t rehearse certain spots or they just didn’t click together, but some of it was really awkward. The best part was Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss going at it in the remaining moments of the match. I just hope they are practicing for Sunday, because if the performance at Elimination Chamber is comparable to tonight…well, they might as well never have one again.

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