REVIEW: Bank On Banks

Rapid Results:

  • Nia Jax sent a message to Ronda Rousey after decimating her opponent, promising to do the same to Ronda come Money in the Bank
  • Sasha Banks outlasted 6 other competitors to earn her spot in the MITB Ladder Match, putting Ruby Riott away in the ending moments

The Rundown:

Nia Jax came out for competition as Ronda Rousey‘s theme quickly followed. Ronda joined the announcers area as Nia Jax got a microphone. She says she’s glad Rousey came out to watch because she’ll show her exactly what she’ll do to her come Money in the Bank. She instructs the local competitor to apply the armbar on her.

For a moment she sells it, however, in seconds she lifts her up and powerbombs her into the canvas. Jax says the armbar doesn’t mean much, that is if she can even apply it at the PPV. Jax drops the competitor with a Samoan Drop and tells Ronda that she could easily win off of that, but she’s not done. She then nails her with a running leg drop.

Nia says her leg could crush a woman’s chest. She then runs off the ropes and decimates the jobber with a flipping senton. Nia asks Ronda to come to the ring to help the girl out. She orders the referee to back up as Ronda walks to the ring. Nia says Ronda’s intimidating look is actually quite humorous. She calls her cute before leaving the ring.

The gauntlet match kicks off with Bayley and Liv Morgan. The bell sounds and Liv goes for a clothesline, only to miss and get slammed with a Bayley-to-Belly, then getting eliminated in less than 20 seconds.

Sarah Logan is next to enter the fray, going after Bayley right off the bat. Bayley goes for the Bayley-to-Belly, but Logan fights her off. Bayley sends her out of the ring and hits a hurricarana through the ropes. She rolls Sarah in, but she kicks out after a pin. Bayley tries to stay on her, but Sarah drops her with a slam. She then mounts Bayley, nailing her with fists and a running knee. Sarah lifts Bayley up, but Bayley rolls her up and eliminates her! Liv Morgan re-enters and the two beat Bayley down.

Ruby Riott comes down to the ring and goes against an impressive Bayley. Ruby wears Bayley down and sends her to the corner. Bayley avoids Riott and tries to roll her up. Ruby kicked out, but got slammed with a back suplex. Bayley went to the top rope, but Ruby pulled her off and nailed her with a Riott Kick, then eliminating her.

Dana Brooke is next to enter. Ruby attacks her early on and smashes her off of the turnbuckle. Dana reverses the momentum and drills Riott with a fury of forearms. The referee pries Dana off, but she throws Ruby to the opposite end, then hitting her with a handspring back elbow. She drops her with a clothesline, but soon falls as Ruby counters her next move with a Riott Kick.

Mickie James enters and the crowd goes wild. James pulls Ruby out of the ring and brings the fight to Ruby. She leaps off of the apron and lands on her with a senton. Ruby managed to get Mickie trapped in the corner and nail her with a series of strikes. James fought her off and sent her across the ring with a hurricarana from the corner, then a dropkick, attempting to keep her off of her feet. Riott ran to ringside, but James dropped her with a sliding baseball kick. James stays on Ruby and knocks her down with a comeback series and a flapjack. She ascends to the top rope and takes Ruby out with a senton. She then went for a MickDDT, but Ruby rolled her up and eliminated her.

Sasha Banks finally comes out. She goes for a series of pins, but Riott escapes each. She hits Ruby with a crossbody before bending her arm behind her back. Ruby pushed her off, but Banks went for a Bank Statement early on. Ruby held onto the ropes and drove Banks into the canvas with a STO.

The two took turns slapping each other across the face until Ruby face-planted Sasha into the ring. Banks hit Ruby off of her and then used her knees to bash her off of the turnbuckles. With Ruby completely stunned, Sasha Banks leaped off the top with a meteora, but Ruby kicked out. She then went for some running knees, but Ruby managed to escape just in time.

She tried to drive Sasha into the corner but Banks reversed. Ruby elbowed Sasha off of her and slammed her throat into the ropes. She then nailed Banks with a slingshot DDT and a superkick, but Sasha stayed in. Ruby brought them both to the top, but Sasha was able to powerbomb her from the top rope! Ruby kicked out, but Banks applied the Bank Statement! Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan ran out, but Sasha fought them off! Riott went for a roll up, but Sasha reversed into a Bank Statement! Ruby tapped and Sasha Banks claimed her spot in the MITB Ladder Match.

RAW Talk:

Nia and Ronda’s segment was actually really good. Nia really stood her ground in that promo and made me hype for the match.

The gauntlet match was a disaster. I don’t understand why WWE thought it would be okay to shove a match with 7 competitors in a time frame that was less than 30 minutes.

The girls were rushing, but it’s not their fault. Liv was done really dirty, but it is what it is. I’m more annoyed that Mickie couldn’t make it to the final 2 at least. I mean, it’s her hometown, why not let her actually do something for once? I’m fine with Sasha being in, but not over the likes of Mickie James, Ruby Riott, and Dana Brooke, who haven’t gotten an opportunity like this before and probably won’t for a while.

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