REVIEW: Back To The Basics

Rapid Results:

  • Asuka tapped Mickie James out to earn a win for her team

The Rundown:

Alexa Bliss, and Mickie James, came out to discuss Elimination Chamber and how she changed the game for the Women’s Division and how she has set a new standard for being RAW Women’s Champion. She goes on to honor Mickie and claims she’s a future Hall of Famer and she has learned so much from her. Bliss says Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose have a bright future, just not while she’s champion. She calls Bayley a ‘sad situation’ and states that she capitalized on Sasha’s ego. She then tells everyone that she’ll go on to WrestleMania to break the streak. She says Nia broke Asuka last night and she’ll be more than happy to finish the job in 6 weeks.

Asuka strutted out and before Alexa could speak, the crowd began chanting ‘Asuka’s Gonna Kill You’. Bliss said nobodies fooled that Asuka isn’t 100 percent. She says Nia Jax deserved to win and be added to the title match at WrestleMania. She mocks Asuka’s level of English and says Asuka better wipe the smile off her face before she [Nia] does.

Nia Jax dashed out and Asuka knocked Mickie James and Alexa Bliss off their feet! Nia shoves Asuka over, but The Empress locks an armbar on Jax. Mickie and Alexa ran back in to help Nia, but Bayley and Sasha Banks ran out! The girls clashed as Alexa finished the job off by rocking Asuka’s jaw with a wicked right hand.

Oh great, another 6 woman tag match. Bayley and Mickie start it off for their teams and they exchange moves back and force. Bayley eventually stops Mickie’s momentum with a scoop slam and elbow. She throws her to the corner, but Mickie hits Bayley with a hurricarana. She knocks her over with clothesline before tagging Nia in. Jax pushes and rammed Bayley over like trash. She humiliated her and tagged Bliss in. Alexa screams into the referee’s face as she steps on Bayley’s stomach. Bayley was able to counter and bash Alexa’s head off the turnbuckle numerous times. She hit her with a sliding clothesline and tagged Sasha in, who was greeted with a crowd reaction.

She went for a roll up, which failed, and then hit her with double knees. Banks got Alexa in the corner and leaped over the ropes, kneeing Bliss in the face. Alexa retreated to ringside with Mickie and Banks dropkicked them both through the ropes. She exited the ring and tossed Alexa in, but Nia pummeled into Sasha before she could get back in. Alexa used this to advantage and kept Banks off her feet by pulling her and slamming her down on her face. She locked her into a hold, but Banks escaped. However, Alexa threw her into the corner and sent her to ringside with a few kicks to her gut.

Back from commercial and Nia has Sasha in a hold. Banks countered and reaches to tag someone in, but Nia intercepts her and drills her into the corner. She choked Sasha against the rope and tagged Mickie back in. Mickie nailed Sasha with a kick and reapplied a similar submission on Banks, wearing her down. Alexa Bliss got tagged back in and she began stomping on Sasha’s head. She taunted Sasha to tag a partner in and applied a hold back on Banks. Sasha got out but was met with a hellacious clothesline from Alexa. Alexa knocked Asuka off the apron and went back to Banks. Sasha countered with a suplex and went to tag Bayley.

But this time, Bayley left Sasha to the wolves and jumped off the apron! Mickie tried to sneak on Sasha, but Sasha rolled out and tagged Asuka in! Asuka knocked Mickie off her feet with dropkicks and rocked her skull with deadly backhands. Mickie tried to push Asuka off, but she ran off the ropes and hit James with a hip attack. Nia tried to get into the ring but Asuka knocked her off with a kick and hip attack as well.

She cracked Mickie’s skull with a knee and began kicking her across the chest. Alexa ran in, but Bayley stopped her with a suplex. Mickie tried to hit a neckbreaker on Asuka, but the undefeated superstar caught her arm and flipped her into a armbar and leg lock combination! Mickie tapped out and Asuka got the win for her team. Bayley watched at ringside as Sasha was flabbergasted at what had happened.

Dana Brooke joined ringside as Titus Worldwide went to take on The Bar for the Tag Team Championships.

They confirmed that Nia Jax will get her hands on Asuka once again next week on RAW.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H came out to discuss Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle from Elimination Chamber. McMahon claimed Kurt was hallucinating and has double pneumonia (girl, really?). She says Ronda believed him and took action in ways that may be acceptable in UFC, but not WWE.

A package from Elimination Chamber is shown from her putting Triple H through a table, and much more. Stephanie said Rousey acted from savage instinct and she had to get physical with her to remind her who’s in charge. She also stated that Ronda now reports to her and WWE owns her. She says she needs to call everyone out and remind them of their roles. She calls for Kurt Angle, but Ronda runs out and the two retreat to ringside. Kurt tells Ronda to stop and claims that coming to WWE was the best decision she’s made. She says she wants this more than anything, but she’s never been slapped before and she refuses to be disrespected. And she is not their property.

Kurt reminds her and says she must work inside the system and Angle claims he lied about what he said about Stephanie and Triple H. Kurt talks foolishness and apologizes to his bosses. Stephanie lays out a treaty and says they can move on and make Ronda the star she is. Rousey demands Stephanie to apologize to her for the slap and she states that it McMahon doesn’t, she will rip her arm out of her socket. Stephanie becomes flustered and gives a phony apology. Triple H quickly right hands Angle and the two leave as Ronda checks on the RAW General Manager. Could this possibly be the mixed tag come WrestleMania 34?

RAW Talk:

What the hell was RAW? One night off the explosive Elimination Chamber PPV and that’s the best they could have done with the girls? There was barely any continuity from the show, except for Sasha and Bayley. Asuka acted perfectly fine despite Nia decimating her at the PPV. And suddenly Mickie is heel? Or is she just friends with Alexa for no reason? Anyways, they didn’t capitalize on any of that. I did love how Bayley ditched Sasha during the match, but everything else was incredibly basic. And where the hell was Absolution? Whatever.

The Ronda and Stephanie segment was goofy. The two women did fine, but the whole premises of the segment and Kurt’s blabbering was just so dumb.

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