REVIEW: An Extreme LumberJill Before Extreme Rules

Rapid Results:

  • Asuka defeated James Ellsworth in  a LumberJill match but was laid out by Carmella
  • Paige announced that James Ellsworth will be suspended above the ring in a shark cage come Extreme Rules

The Rundown:

The SmackDown LIVE’s Women’s Division emerged from backstage to surround the ring for the upcoming LumberJill match. James Ellsworth got on the microphone and makes a fool of himself before Asuka makes her entrance. The bell rings and Asuka almost takes him out, but James flees to ringside. Becky Lynch and Naomi toss him back in and he tries to plead with Asuka. He tries to escape once again, but Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville block him from ringside.

Asuka hits him to ringside with a hip attack and all the girls run over and toss him back in. She hits him with a series of strikes and then drills her knee into his face. She nails him with a sliding kick and Ellsworth rolls to ringside. He tries to run off, but Lana catches him by his hair and all the women go to throw them in. However, they all break out into a brawl and Ellsworth tries to leave.

Although, Becky chases him down and she and Naomi drag him back into the ring. All the girls attack him and Asuka takes everyone out with a crossbody. James crawls in by instruction of Carmella. She gets in Asuka’s face, but she kicks James into her. She then traps James in the AsukaLock and picks up the win. After the match, James sprays something in Asuka’s eyes as Carmella takes her out with a superkick.

While backstage, Paige announces that at Extreme Rules, James will be suspended in a shark cage above the ring during the championship match.

Smack Talk:

This match was a whole disaster. I need this feud to be over after Extreme Rules because at this point, it’s not helping anyone.

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