RESULTS: Women Superstars United – ‘Something Entirely New’

WSU Wrestling made it’s return to Voorhees, New Jersey with ‘Something Entirely New’. Here are the results via Dave Muscarella:

  • Aja Perera defeated Delmi Exo after Kasey Catal tries to interfere and it backfires.
  • The new WSU Spirit Champion Kris Statlander comes out and demands a better-looking WSU Spirit Title and better opponents. This brings out Leyla Hirsch who says they’ll have a title match at a future show.
  • Violette defeated Angel Sinclair via Twisting Neckbreaker.
  • Kasey Catal defeated Jinx. After the match, Delmi Exo comes out and congratulates Kasey and a masked woman comes to Jinx’s aid.
  • Gemma Cross & Sierra defeated Gabby Gilbert & Damaris when Sierra pins Damaris thanks to Gemma Cross’s use of silly string.
  • Maria Manic comes out and says she just took a shit that’s more relevant than all 4 girls in the previous match. She says she doesn’t care about the tag belts and wants a shot at Tessa Blanchard’s WSU title.
  • Maria Manic defeated Rahne Victoria via Chokeslam.
  • Valentina defeated Megan Mason via submission. After the match, a masked woman and Jinx come out and bring Megan into the stable they seem to be forming.
  • Ava Everett defeated Vanity.
  • Leyla Hirsch defeated Brittany Blake after Megan Mason, Jinx, and a masked woman came out and distracted Brittany.
  • Kris Statlander defeated Savanna Stone via cradle tombstone to retain the WSU Spirit Title.

WSU returns on April 26th and 27th with a tournament for the WSU tag team titles. The event will also see Shazza McKenzie make her debut for the promotion.

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