PREDICTIONS: WrestleMania 34

Today is the day!nIt’s WrestleMania! With the most women’s matches on the card in WrestleMania history, this is sure to be a can’t miss spectacle! So who does the squared circle siren staff think will win at WrestleMania? Let’s find out!

WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal

SCOTT: Predicting a winner is going to be fairly tough since we don’t know the full list of women that will participate. The men’s battle royal has had a few as 20 men so I would presume we will have at least 20. There have been 14 women announced, so I anticipate some women from NXT. I think the majority of the story within the match will revolve around the conflict between Sasha Banks & Bayley. This is a storyline has been evolving for several months and I think it will continue to work toward complete implosion. I would love to see the return of Alicia Fox from injury knowing that she is in NOLA, but I’m not sure if she has been cleared to compete. One of the highlights of this match will be Beth Phoenix as a guest commentator. Given the state of both main brand divisions, my prediction is that someone from NXT wins. Hopefully, that will provide an injection of new life into one of the main brands post-Wrestlemania. PREDICTION: Ember Moon

CASEY: I’ve gone back and forth on who I thought should win this. I originally thought Becky Lynch should win this, having been in my opinion the top face of the SmackDown Live women’s division, however, with her performances since her call up I’m going to go with Ruby Riott. She has been nothing short of amazing since her call up to the main roster and I think the numbers came with the Riott Squad could play into things during this battle royal. PREDICTION: Ruby Riott

DENNIS: Well, there’s been just about everything now. And although I am more curious to see whether or not we will have a second elimination chamber match or a second Hell in a Cell. Or are we just focused on having the first and calling it a day? But here we are. A battle royal of everyone, and who knows what this could look like. I think WWE has put some weight on this battle royal with the under matches of Ruby and Becky. Nattie randomly beating Charlotte. Sasha and Baylee. Absolution. Mickie James. You could honestly make an argument for any of them winning. Which is why I think none of them will. I think there aren’t enough people to call this a battle royal, so I’m expecting some NXT Callups. And who better than the woman who just lost her NXT women’s championship (if my prediction is correct) to put herself on the main roster. I think it’s the only standout that makes sense at face value. And although I’ll continue to hold out for my Sasha Heel Turn at Mania, I think Ember Moon wins the battle royal PREDICTION: Ember Moon

RYAN: I feel like the winner will be someone that we don’t expect. For me, that would be Alicia Fox. Someone of her stature and longevity could use this win. Plus, she’s a veteran. But realistically, I could see Becky pulling through as well. PREDICTION: Alicia Fox

JAY: I just have a feeling Becky Lynch. Shes a hard worker and a trophy like this will give her more prestige. Who knows, will someone from NXT show up and steal the show? PREDICTION: Becky Lynch

RAW Women’s Championship | Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Nia Jax

DENNIS: Sigh. This match is really hard for me to comment on because I’m a HUGE Alexa Bliss fan and I’ve become a big Nia Jax fan, but in the midst of WrestleMania week, I am just not as excited about this match as I thought I would be. I like the idea of a Nia Jax face turn and I think that could do great things for her, and the roster overall. Alexa Bliss is magic as champion, and her promos regularly deliver. But I really wish Mickie was left out of this one. I wish it was just Alexa using Nia and Nia finally catching on and shutting down Alexa and Alexa always running leading to this match. But meh, here we are. I think for me, there just hasn’t been enough here for Nia Jax to take the championship. Which is my official prediction, Nia Jax does not walk out of Wrestlemania Raw Women’s Champion. Whether that means Alexa wins somehow or Carmella cashes in here. Whatever. I don’t think Nia wins it here. So my official words are Alexa Wins, but I won’t be surprised if Carmella cashes in or this ends in a dirty finish. PREDICTION: Alexa Bliss

RYAN: This one continuously has me second guessing myself. As much as I would love for Nia Jax to finally win the RAW Women’s Championship, I’m not too sure it will happen. On one hand, I could see Nia destroy Alexa, get over as a face, and WWE could have Nia stand tall against the bully. However, Alexa is incredibly over (as is Nia). So if WWE wants a heel to run a division as champion, Alexa is their go-to girl. Her beating Nia would put her over even more as a heel. But all in all, I see Nia getting her big moment.PREDICTION: Nia Jax

SCOTT: This is the one that I’m completely unsure of how it will end. I have loved Alexa as a Champion since day 1 of her Smackdown Live reign. She is probably the best woman on the roster with a mic and she makes matches really fun to watch. Nia’s booking, on the other hand, has been all over the place. She is pushed for a few weeks then forgotten about. Alexa is going to have an uphill battle if she is going to keep the belt. The way she and Mickie have treated Nia recently has enraged the beast that Nia contains. Titles have evaded Nia, both in NXT and on the main roster. This weekend, however, may be the time that changes. PREDICTION: Nia Jax

JAY: With the way the storyline is going I am hoping for a Nia Jax victory. Body shaming, something WWE says they are against, it would surprise me for the bully to win at Wrestlemania. WWE creative has made an interesting story the last month or so and believe Nia can be a strong force on Raw. But, don’t ever count out Alexa Bliss with Mickie by her side. PREDICTION: Nia Jax

CASEY: Since being called up Alexa Bliss has only been without a title for 45 days. Isn’t that crazy? Alexa has been a great champion but with the way this storyline has been going, I just can’t see her retaining here. Nia has turned babyface and has the crowd behind her. She hasn’t gotten her hands on Alexa and I think she’ll get her big moment at WrestleMania this year and win the title. PREDICTION: Nia Jax

SmackDown Women’s Championship | Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Asuka

RYAN: Asuka’s streak is going incredibly strong, and I don’t see it ending now. She’ll defeat Charlotte, win the belt, and move to SmackDown. The only other possibility I see is Asuka winning by DQ via Carmella and having her cashing in on Charlotte. You never know with WrestleMania. PREDICTION: Asuka

CASEY: I’m sure everyone will predict Asuka to win. How could you not with her streak and her winning the rumble? However, I don’t think she’ll lose technically. What I think will happen is Carmella will attack Asuka with the Money in The Bank briefcase, giving Asuka the DQ victory before focusing on Charlotte and winning the belt from her. I think Carmella will make the most and steal the WrestleMania moment from Charlotte and Asuka. PREDICTION: Carmella

SCOTT: I think this match will be the best women’s match WWE shows this weekend. Askua is one of the best women that WWE employs and has yet to find anyone that can beat her in the ring. She has the record for longest reigning NXT Women’s Champion as well as being the winner of the first Women’s Royal Rumble in January. She challenges the genetically superior Charlotte. Charlotte has held a title 7 times for over 800 days. While she may not have the winning streak of Asuka, she definitely has an impressive resume. Charlotte has had incredible matches with many of the women on the WWE roster and this match will be no different. These women will take each other to the limit. But in the end, I believe the streak will remain intact. PREDICTION: Asuka

DENNIS: This is hands down the match I’m most excited for in the sense of this will simply be a good match. We’ve been waiting for Charlotte vs. Asuka and it’s finally happening, even if the build is meh and if it weren’t for the fact Asuka was undefeated and Charlotte was a champ this match wouldn’t matter. Anyway, I’ve learned from past write ups to never bet against Asuka, so for the sake of predicting correctly, I’m taking Asuka. But I’m praying I’m wrong and Charlotte is the one to dethrone Asuka. But I doubt it will happen and we will see Asuka vs Ronda next year. PREDICTION: Asuka

JAY: If you are going to win, win it with Flair. I know its a long shot but we’ve seen other streaks broken at Wrestlemania (must I say more?)   Now, do I think Flair is going to win, no, but I would like to see her victorious. Asuka is still a force to be reckoned with so putting her ahead makes sense.  Woooo! PREDICTION: Charlotte Flair

Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle vs. Stephanie McMahon & Triple H

CASEY: I mean, you’d have to be Stevie Wonder if you don’t know who is winning this. No way Ronda loses her first match with WWE. PREDICTION: Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle

DENNIS: I feel I am about to be in the major minority here. But I actually haven’t minded this build. Is it a little cheesy? Sure. Does Ronda need to build more into her character? Yes. But overall, I’m still excited to see Ronda wrestle. I mentioned this on the soundoff, and it might not be for much as I still expect a Cena/Nikki Miz/Maryse Match. Nonetheless, I think this one is a toss-up. I don’t see Ronda taking the fall. I think for me there isn’t a sense to having Ronda lose. Therefore, I’m picking Stephanie and Triple H. Because the WWE needs a swing moment here and that’s probably it. PREDICTION: Stephanie McMahon & Triple H

SCOTTOf all of the WWE matches this weekend, this is the match that I’m most unsure of how it will go.  Stephanie McMahon was never a great wrestler.  She has had some good matches with women that are able to help carry the moves.  With this being Ronda’s first professional wrestling match, the jury is still out on how she can perform in the ring.   Her draw is unmistakable and I’m sure she will definitely get some rough shots in on Stephanie.  However, I anticipate this match will feature Triple H and Kurt much more.  In the end, the pair of Olympians will surely stand tall.  I can’t see Ronda being brought in with such fanfare to lose to a woman who has maybe a couple dozen matches in her entire career, with her last being in 2014. PREDICTION: Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle

RYAN: This is a no-brainer for me, and for most people I assume. Ronda Rousey is going to win her debut at WrestleMania. Most likely with her getting Stephanie to tap out. PREDICTION: Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle

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