New WSU Champion Crowned

During the main event of WSU’s Breaking Barriers 5 event, a new WSU Champion was crowned when IMPACT Wrestling Knockout Tessa Blanchard defeated Mercedes Martinez, ending her 490-day-plus reign with the belt after pinning her with a Hammerlock DDT.

This was Mercedes Martinez’s third reign with the belt after defeating Cherry Bomb aka IMPACT’s Allie for the title back in February of 2017 at WSU 10th Anniversary Show in New Jersey.

Mercedes Martinez is the most decorated WSU Champion having held the title more than any other wrestler in the company’s history and holding the title for 1,583 between three title reigns. She is also the only active WSU Hall of Fame inductee to have held the belt, having been inducted in 2017.

Blanchard, 22, now holds the PCW ULTRA Women’s Championship, the Zelo Pro Women’s Championship, and the WrestleCirccus Lady of The Ring Championship.

This is a huge win for Tessa in WSU as the last victory she had in the company came back at the 8th Anniversary Show back in 2015 where she defeated Sassy Stephie. Her last appearance for the company was at WSU Unshakable when she was defeated by Su Yung.

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