Mayu Iwatani Returning To Women of Honor

She is known as the Stardom Icon, the only Stardom competitor that has been with the premier women’s professional wrestling organization since its inception. She has held every Stardom Championship, including their top prize, the World of Stardom Championship. She uses the Dragon Suplex to be one of the most dominating stars in the world. She is Mayu Iwatani.

One of the top professional wrestlers in the world, Mayu has her sights set on becoming the Women of Honor Champion, a prestigious accolade to add to her already impressive resume!

Iwatani impressed ROH fans and officials in Las Vegas and New Orleans as part of the Women of Honor Championship tournament and now returns to Women of Honor action in Baltimore at Best in the World and the following night in Fairfax for the international television taping! Iwatani is a legend in the making, already one of the most accomplished STARDOM talents.

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