Knockouts Title Match Set For IMPACT Under Pressure

When Allie became Knockouts Champion, many people were shocked. Allie defeated Laurel Van Ness to capture the title and everything seemed right in the world, save for Braxton Sutter.

The fairytale romance of Braxton and Allie was over but did anyone expect Braxton to go to such depths? Did anyone expect Braxton Sutter to bring Su Yung to IMPACT Wrestling?

Su Yung is the Undead Bride who not only attacked Allie on her first night on IMPACT, but she put Rosemary in a coffin. Su Yung has taken over IMPACT Wrestling.

For Allie the constant reminder of what Su Yung did to Rosemary is haunting. Watching her best friend stuffed into a coffin and the lid slammed shut has awoken something deep inside Allie.

The funeral tonight had to be torture for Allie. Watching as Su Yung and the Undead Brides burned the spirit of Rosemary to ashes. Can Allie regroup?

Allie will defend the Knockouts Championship at Under Pressure against Su Yung. What will happen in this encounter? Can Allie forget about what Su did to Rosemary? Find out in two weeks at Under Pressure.

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