Give Divas A Chance

Tonight’s diva “match” on Monday Night RAW lasted a total of 30 seconds from bell to bell. All of one move happened; A Bella Buster from Brie Bella onto Emma for the pinfall.

A social media outcry happened on Twitter following the match as #GiveDivasAChance was the number three trend worldwide for over two hours and the only WWE related trending tweet for the rest of the night.

Sure you may say this happens to the divas all the time, but where do we draw the line? How can a company put on 15 minute matches and give real storylines to girls down in developmental on NXT, but not do the same to the girls on the main roster? How can a company devote an entire reality show around the division but not even give them 5 minutes on TV? How can you put on a three hour show and dedicate 20 minutes to showing replays of things that just happened but can’t give 5 minutes to the female wrestlers or even give them some time to have a promo?

Many fans, while childish may say that no one cares about the divas. That they don’t do anything, etc. This past summer The Bella Twins had the highest selling merchandise behind John Cena. The year before that AJ was the second highest merchandise seller right behind John Cena as well. The reality show “Total Divas” is the second highest rated program on E! Television only coming second to the rating powerhouse “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. They are the only stars in the company that are reaching out into mainstream media. For all those to happen wouldn’t you think that means the fans care about the divas?

When NXT has a live special the match involving the developmental divas are always the most talked about. They are so highly regarded by the fans, people who report on the shows, and fellow wrestlers. They aren’t just stuck on the card they co main event the shows most times. So why can’t WWE give the divas a chance?

When the divas are given a chance it almost always pays off. Everyone ranted and raved about EVERY diva match that has occurred on an NXT live special. The fans loved the feud between AJ and Kaitlyn. The reaction for Paige when she debuted literally shook the arena. The fans do care about the divas when the company lets us and gives the girls actual time and not matches that are under a minute.

The Divas themselves have spoken up about the short matches they have. Just a week ago The Bella Twins said they were tired of having joke matches and said if they were in NXT they would not want to go to the main roster. Paige said she hated the short matches. NXT Diva Charlotte said when she makes it to the main roster she is going to make sure she isn’t in short matches and erase the stigma of a diva match being a “bathroom break” in some fan’s minds.

The Divas aren’t bathroom breaks anymore and they shouldn’t be treated like so. Every female in the division brings something to the table and the division hasn’t seen a bad match in quite some time. Not only that but the future of the division down in NXT is so special. Those girls are a whole new breed of divas and are being trained by the greatest trainer they could have.

The diva community came together tonight and trended #GiveDivasAChance tweeting it well over 25,500 times as of this writing. Divas such as Renee Young, Cameron Lynn, and The Bella Twins all re-tweeted stuff regarding the trend. We want the divas to have a chance. They want the chance so why not #GiveDivasAChance, WWE?

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