Ember Moon Talks Money In The Bank, Royal Rumble, More

WWE RAW superstar the “War Goddess” Ember Moon was interviewed by TVInsider ahead of the Money In The Bank pay per view this weekend. Here are some highlights:

On the Money In The Bank ladder match:
“I’ve been in TLC matches. I’m no newbie to the pain of other objects than the ring mat. I will say this does present a challenge because I’m in the ring with seven other women I’m kind of still getting to know and half of them I’ve never been in the ring with. It does present a massive challenge to me, but I do have the upper hand. I have done these style matches before and no stranger to pain. I know how to overcome that, so at the end of the day, I do have a little edge. At the same time, uncertainty is a player in this game.”
Being a part of the Women’s Royal Rumble match:
“I was so thankful to be part of the Royal Rumble. A part of what we do is taking it day-by-day. I still feel like I have unfinished business at NXT to be honest with you. So, I didn’t see the call-up at all. I was pretty blindsided by it when they told me I was debuting on Raw. It was an amazing experience and once in a lifetime thing. My name is going to be on the first women’s Royal Rumble.
There are a lot of firsts to be had, but I’m glad I made it to that one. I feel like NXT prepared me for Raw than the Royal Rumble did. Maybe because the Royal Rumble was a different style of match for women. You have a countdown and don’t know who is coming out next. I think the anxiety and nerves definitely were ramped up a lot more.”
On being welcomed in the RAW locker room:
“Any question I’ve had since I moved up is always answered with open arms and smile on their face. The women at Raw have been phenomenal to me. You have Natalya, who I’ve idolized since I’ve first started wrestling. You have so many women that have paved the way for us like Sasha, Bayley and Bliss. So many women who continually try to stay on top. Of course, that is going to bring the competitiveness within myself or anyone there. I think also that competitive nature brings out a certain air of teamwork too because we have a lot of firsts that are yet to happen. I think we want to continue to move this ‘Women’s Evolution’ forward. You can’t do that if someone is lazy or lagging behind.”

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