Kris Wolf Set To Retire

In the latest edition of her YouTube series ‘Wolf Wednesday’, Kris Wolf mentioned that she will be retiring from in-ring competition soon after her latest wrestling tour. She mentioned that she is retiring due to lasting effects of concussions she has suffered through her career. She was trained by Fuka Kakimoto, Io Shirai and Nanae Takahashi and … Read more

Reika Saiki Signs With Wrestle-1

At Wrestle-1’s show at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo Japan earlier today it was announced that Reika Saiki has signed a contract with them. With her signing, she is now the second women’s wrestler on the roster alongside Hana Kimura. Saiki, 26, was trained in the Wrestle-1 dojo under Akira Nogami and Kaz Hayashi, and made her debut in March … Read more

Andras Miyagi Joins STARDOM

Andras Miyagi – the former Cassandra Miyagi made her STARDOM debut earlier today when she was revealed as Oedo Tai member X. For the past few weeks, X has been interfering in Oedo Tai matches and she was finally revealed as Miyagi today. 新メンバーXのアンドラス宮城の登場で勢いずく大江戸隊のコメント。 — スターダム/STARDOM (@wwr_stardom) February 17, 2019 Andras Miyagi recently went freelance after being … Read more

SEAdLINNNG Beyond The Sea Tag Team Titles Vacated

At last nights SEAdLINNNG event at Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo, Japan the BEYOND THE SEA Tag Team Title were vacated due to Ayame Sasamura injuring her left Leg during the practice at KAIENTAI Dojo. However, Himeka Arita and Miyuki Takase set a Challenge to Arisa Nakajima for the Beyond The Sea Tag Team titles. Arisa Nakajima will have a mystery partner … Read more

Riho To Leave Gatoh Move

21-year-old Joshi wrestler Riho will be going freelance after Gatoh Move’s July 2nd show at Shinjuku. The 12-year veteran was trained by Gatoh Move’s creators Emi Sakura & Nanae Takahashi. She mostly wrestled for Ice Ribbon when Sakura was behind the training dojo and followed her when she created Gatoh Move. According to reporters at … Read more