Big Show Says He’s ‘Blown Away’ by Charlotte Flair’s Talent

The Big Show recently spoke with WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin on The Steve Austin Show podcast. Among many other things, Big Show shared his thoughts on potential breakout stars and in particular had praise for SmackDown Live’s Charlotte Flair.

“I’d look for a lot of breakout stars also, Now, I know you’ll probably think I’m crazy, but if you look at the women’s division. I mean, they have stepped up the competition. Have you seen the matches that Charlotte has been having and the stuff that she’s doing? I mean, thank God I’m not following her right now. She is just laying it down. Talk about a complete change from when I knew her in her teens and when she was in college. And now, the commitment that she has made, and I’m just blown away by the talent she has.”

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