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Zeuxis To Make Return to REINA

CMLL Luchadore Zeuxis will be heading to Japan in October to wrestle for the joshi promotion REINA.

The 28 year old Puerto Rico native is one of the biggest female stars in CMLL in Mexico and has had many tours of Japan wrestling for REINA.

In April 2011, she was one of seven wrestlers who took part in a tournament to determine the first ever CMLL-Reina International Junior Champion. Zeuxis defeated Sendai Sachiko in the semi-final round, but was defeated by Ray in the finals of the tournament. Later Zeuxis teamed up with fellow CMLL wrestler La Comandante to compete in a tournament to crown the inaugural Reina World Tag Team Champions. In the first round the team defeated Aki Kanbayashi and Saya in the first round and then defeated The Canadian NINJAs to become the first champions. The duo held the championship until December 6, when they lost it to Lluvia and Luna Mágica on a CMLL show in Mexico City. In early 2012 Zeuxis regained the championship by teaming with Mima Shimoda to defeat Lluvia and Luna Mágica. 50 days later Universal Woman’s Pro Wrestling Reina closed and Reina X World was created to succeed it; at the time Mima Shimoda decided not to work for Reina X World, vacating the tag team championship.

Zeuxis did work for Reina X World, teaming up with La Comandante once again for the tournament to crown the next champions, but were defeated in the first round by Aki Kanbayashi and Aoi Ishibash.

On June 4,2013  Zeuxis defeated Silueta to win the CMLL-Reina International Junior Championship. On September 8, Zeuxis won the Reina World Tag Team Championship for the third time, this time with La Vaquerita. On September 20, Zeuxis was given the opportunity to become a triple champion in Reina, but she was defeated in a match for the vacant Reina World Women’s Championship by Syuri. On November 2, Zeuxis and La Vaquerita lost the Reina World Tag Team Championship to Aki Shizuku and Ariya. On August 3, 2014, Zeuxis lost the CMLL-Reina International Junior Championship back to Silueta.

The last time she wrestled in Japan was in 2016 where she defeated Silueta in a match where she defended the CMLL Mexican Women’s National Title and fell to Leon in a non title match the following day for REINA.

In September 2016 Zeuxis was one of several female wrestlers who had a WWE tryout at the WWE Performance Center. On February 25, 2017 Zeuxis lost the Mexican National Women’s Championship to Princesa Sugehit, ending her 768 day reign as champion.