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Zahra Schreiber suggested to play Sister Abigail?


According to reports WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins had pitched his girlfriend, Zahra Schreiber, for the role of Sister Abigail to creative before she appeared alongside Solomon Crowe at a WWE NXT live event on Saturday—she portrayed his sister.

However, she was terminated by WWE on Monday for “inappropriate and offensive remarks” she made on social media.

  • Marshy

    There were girls from the tryouts and one girl from Tough Enough that can play the sister of Solomon Crowe or Sister Abigail. Zahra finally made to NXT Live Event and then boom the rug was pulled from underneath her and it sounds like Seth’s ex girlfriend would do something like that to get back Zahra for being a thorn in the side of Seth and his then ex girlfriend’s relationship.

  • Kalkofen

    Does anyone remember 2 years (?) ago there were these weird promos with “Anonymous Cam” posted to WWE’s YT page with a cloaked man people speculated was Kevin Thorn and a dark-haired diva in black attire just like Paige with a white mask, and someone saying “I see you” or something? And it was thought to be a brother/sister duo. All the promos were taken down some time ago with no trace of them, but Crowe and his hacker gimmick with Zahra randomly reminded me of this, and though the latter is gone now (rightfully so), it’s kinda creepy the origins of those promos were never found (as far I know). Hmmm..