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Yoshiko suspended indefinitely over STARDOM incident


If you’ve been online the past few days you’ve probably heard or saw what went down during Joshi promotion STARDOM’s main event a on February 23rd.

Act Yasukawa was challenging for STARDOM’s World of STARDOM title belt in the main event against the champion Yoshiko, but a match was not what happened. The bell rang and the match broke down and before you knew it Yoshiko started beating Act viciously! The “match” was ended when Kyoko Kimaura threw in the towel to end what the referee should’ve ended way before.

Act was beaten so badly that her nose and cheek bone were broken, and she was diagnosed with a concussion due to shaking of both retina. They also stated that her left orbital bone was fractured. You can watch the incident here.

Act wrote an apology on her website which was ghost written by her mother due to the fact Act’s face is swollen so badly and begged fans not to think badly of the promotion.

Just yesterday STARDOM had a press conference to address what went down. Yoshiko apologized for what she did and confirmed that the relationship between her and Act was not good to begin with. The promotion has suspended Yoshiko indefinitely and stripped her of the World of STARDOM title.

Due to the incident that took place the promotion also made changes to the company’s policies. A ring doctor will now be at every event and closed fist strikes are banned and if one is thrown the wrestler who threw it will be disqualified.