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WXW Announce Women’s Title Tournament

Westside Xtreme Wrestling in Germany are launching a Women’s Title with a mini league starting on August 25th and ending on December 23rd. There’s four women who will all wrestle each other twice, and the top two will wrestle on December 23rd for the title. They posted the following information about the tournament:

With great joy today we announce the introduction of the WXW Women’s Championship. The Belt, which is currently handmade by the belt maker of the WXW, is the reward for the winner of a tournament, which includes twelve matches over a period of four months. “the WXW viewers in all parts of Germany are witness to the emerging women division, which is to be established at all locations”, said CEO Christian Michael Jacobi.

The four participants in the tournament are Jinny, Melanie Gray, Pauline, and Session Moth Martina.

The matches for the tournament will take place at WXW’s Fight Forever Tour with the final match taking place at the 17th anniversary show.

Tickets for the fight forever tour are available on or at all ticket outlets throughout Germany.