WWE To Hold First Ever Women’s Elimination Chamber Match

Multiple sources have confirmed to Sporting News that WWE’s next pay-per-view event, the Elimination Chamber on Feb. 25 in Las Vegas, will include the first women’s chamber match.

The sources were told that the match will be for the RAW  women’s championship, which is held by Alexa Bliss.

An announcement is expected to be made on Monday Night RAW.

  • Charlie

    See if this makes sense:
    Asuka wins the RR to get a title shot.
    But, she has to wait and see who has the title from EC.
    Now to have EC you need six wrestlers. There’s only like 8 in RAW. So there is no real way WWE can make them ‘earn’ a spot in the EC.
    So basically, everyone that just lost the RR, gets a title shot before Asuka does, who won the RR.

    • adam kleist

      they do this stuff every year though. it’s not a huge phenomena exactly.

      • Charlie

        Seems like poor planning to me.
        WWE is doing their best Oprah impression lately:
        “You get a title shot, and you get a title shot, and YOU get a title shot. Everybody gets a title shot, yay!”