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WWE teasing Charlotte turning heel?

WWE continues to tease a possible heel turn for WWE Divas Champion Charlotte. They wrote the following for tomorrow’s RAW and if we will see the “real” Charlotte:

“We’re seeing a different side of Charlotte lately, and it’s not one that agrees with the Divas Champion’s longtime friend, Becky Lynch. On Raw, the daughter of two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair took a page out of her dad’s playbook when she feigned an injury to take Becky off her game and steal a victory over The Lass Kicker in what was supposed to be a friendly bout. Then, on SmackDown, a hot-headed Charlotte got Becky disqualified in her match with Brie Bella. Although Charlotte’s interference was in retaliation after Brie accidentally knocked the Divas Champion down at ringside, the second-generation Diva seemingly had no regard for how her actions would affect her friend. Are we now seeing the “real” Charlotte?”


  • J’ Liz

    agreed they should turn Charlotte heel ! Always thought she should be a heel ! If they do turn her heel, guess Paige will turn face. Interested to see if Becky will be added to the Divas title match at TLC. They have to announce something on Raw tonight, TLC is Sunday & as of now no Divas title match has been announced !!

  • Kelsea

    Good..turn her heel. She gets no reaction as a face. In NXT she was better as a heel.

  • Rhawk

    She works better as a heel in all honesty, I much preferred her as one in NXT as opposed to her face side there and on the main roster.