WWE signs Kayla Becker

WWE has signed a new NXT hostess named Kayla Becker.

Becker has reported to Orlando, Florida and is going under the name of Kayla Braxton in NXT.

Becker was a My Way reporter at WESH 2 News in Orlando, Florida. My Way is a one-stop destination for everything to do in Central Florida. It is a site, an app and an on-air segment. She also was the host of Nashville View, a web show that brings the city the “behind the scenes” of all things Nashville! That includes sit down interviews with various entertainers, athletes, restaurants owners, and event coordinators.

She posted the following on her facebook!

As you know, I moved to Arizona from Orlando in January and have been having the time of my life traveling, freelancing, networking and trying to figure out my next steps. For those in the television and entertainment industry, you know it’s highly competitive and at times stressful, but also extremely exciting. And although I just left the City Beautiful, I am returning – as you already know – but the reason I am returning is toooo…
JOIN THE HOSTING TEAM FOR WWE NETWORK! This couldn’t be a more perfect next step for my career. I have my television roots in entertainment and travel, but I actually studied in school to be a sports reporter – so this combines the best of both worlds -SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT! WWE is one of the LARGEST sports entertainment franchises in the world. I am overjoyed!
I will be returning to Orlando within a month! I can’t wait to reconnect with so many amazing friends AND become a part of the WWE Universe.