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WWE signs Julie Real

Congratulations to Julie Real who we have learned has signed a developmental contract with WWE.

Real is a singer and model. She has been training at Brian Kendrick’s wrestling School, Santino Brother’s Academy since July of this year.

She had a tryout back in September at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Congratulations Julie!

  • Mattoria 💃


  • daman077c

    Kendrick doesn’t own the Santino Bros’ school – he leases time in the building and is separate from the school. Julie’s part of the normal Santino Bros’ classes, along with Ruby Raze and Heather Monroe.

  • Marshy

    She has trained at a wrestling school that is very good and she has the look of a WWE Superstar. By either Wrestlemania or by the Summer or even before that she will be on NXT.