WWE signs Jessie Elaban

Another name that we can exclusively confirm that has been signed by WWE is Jessie Elaban.

Jessie took part in the WWE tryout at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida back in October of last year. The same tryout that lead to the signings of Kimber Lee, Heidi Lovelace, and Julia Ho.

Jessie is a fitness and beach volleyball athlete as well as a yoga teacher.

She has arrived at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida this week to start her training with WWE.

  • Monkey Tennis

    So many new signings… So little time being given to the women on NXT.

    Maybe this is a hint that an all female show will come out of the tourney, as was the case with 205 live.

    • Marshy

      It would make more sense to have an all women show especially after the tournament, they can’t be signing all of these women and not use them. An all women show is long overdue WWE project, cause they have been talking about it for years but nothing was etch in stone

  • Thou

    They need a woman show and nxt to go to another half hour.

  • A Centeno

    They need to make a women’s show but not make the same mistake. Start it in the WWE Network instead after Raw or Smackdown. Then filter the girls to Raw and Smackdown. They should do the same in the smaller NXT crowds