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WWE interested in Nicole Savoy?


According to the latest issue of the Wrestling Obvserver Canyon Ceman, Matt Bloom and William Regal, and other scouts attended many independent shows over WrestleMania weekend and that a scout was at the SHIMMER show.

It’s being said that at the SHIMMER show a talent scout was very impressed with Nicole Savoy, who won the tournament and captured the Heart of SHIMMER Championship that weekend.

  • Le Gayomi

    um no thank you

  • Le Gayomi

    keep her

  • AsaAkira #wickedBARBIE

    YAAAAAAAAS please!

  • Rhawk

    Nice to see WWE looking at more Shimmer girls. I mean they have Bayley, Asuka, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce and now Nikki Storm who were all at one point names in Shimmer, so hopefully they can bring up more great names like Savoy sometime down the line.

    • ssilva872

      You forgot Athena. Plus wasn’t Paige an alumni of SHIMMER? Sara Del Rey doesn’t wrestle of course but the WWE took her as well.

      • Rhawk

        Yes all of them count as well. Sarah Stock, now WWE’s Female Trainer with Sara being the main assistant trainer, is also Shimmer known.

        • ssilva872

          Wait Sarita is was hired full time? Last I heard she was just there temporarily. Great news if true though.

    • Mojo Ozaki *Queen of Hell*

      Evaluating the stats, it’s cool as hell at the moment 15 (unless I missed some) of the women that have either been signed to the company as wrestlers or trainers and have competed or been featured in the NXT brand (and including the MR) have passed through Shimmer, one of whom is one of the pinnacle points of it’s success (and who’s helping re-develop WWE’s current and future women’s division) O.O

  • ssilva872

    I have not seen anything really involving her but considering she is from SHIMMER I am all for it. She just became the first Heart of SHIMMER champion though so maybe they should sign her after she gets a decent run. ?

  • Marshy

    When WWE have an interest in a lady wrestler that she better believe it and since it is just so happen to be Nicole Savoy.