WWE inducting another female in this year’s Hall of Fame class?

WWE is apparently adding more inductees to this year’s WWE Hall of Fame class as recipients of the WWE Legacy Award.

According to WrestleZone aWWE Hall of Fame t-shirt on sale in Dallas, is advertising wrestling stars Lou Thesz, Frank Gotch, Art Thomas, George Hackenschmidt, Pat O’Connor, and female wrestling legend Mildred Burke as other inductees as part of this year’s ceremony.

It’s unknown what exactly this award is but none of the names listed are currently in the WWE Hall of Fame.

  • Mojo Hokuto *Dangerous Queen*

    For the women’s wing and for wrestling in general, Mildred Burke’s induction or reception of this award is LONG overdue, she wrestled hundreds of men, trained the likes of Rhonda Singh/Bertha Faye, inspired Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, and generations of women’s wrestlers past and present. She truly was a pioneer.