WWE executives believe Bayley could be as popular as John Cena

According to an email received by Bryan Alvarez on Thursday night, a long-time WWE employee believes that Bayley is “so ungodly over, especially with little girls,” that if she were to start granting wishes through Make-A-Wish, “she will destroy John Cena.”

Bayley’s T-Shirt is also the highest selling diva merchandise at the moment beating out all of The Bella Twins merchandise.

  • Rhawk

    Honestly, I can see this happening.

    • kj

      I hope they let it happen since I totally agree.

  • GeekyNikkiRVA

    I can see that. I think she has a great message for little girls. She had a phenomenal match against Sasha during Takeover and I hope she goes far.

    • Rhawk

      Or Little kids in general, regardless of gender.

  • QueenSableBomb

    I could totally see that. She’s so naturally likable and a great performer.

  • Kathy Dietrich

    better role model than the Bellas

  • TKOrton

    So not executiveS, one executive. I love Bayley but I’m not optimistic that WWE has the ability or inclination to capitalize on her organic popularity.