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WWE doing a women’s tournament?


According to several reports over the past week WWE may be doing a female version of the Global Cruiserweight Tournament.

The women’s tournament will be like the cruiserweight tournament, mixing current talent with non-roster talent in what amounts to tryout matches.

Farther details are unknown at this time.

  • Pierre NyGaard

    Evie, plz.

  • Marshy

    That is great idea to have the women who are already on the roster to face the ones who are not on the roster in a tryout type matches, cause why should the men have all the luck in the world when there are women who are on the WWE roster.

  • ClassylviaJordan #UOTY


  • ClassylviaJordan #UOTY


  • ClassylviaJordan #UOTY


  • Marshy

    To air it on the WWE Network that it will be great, cause It make the network worth having and the fans would definitely know that their $9.99 is well spent. They should aired the tryouts anyway, since TNA have been having the Knockouts to have a Pay Per View,then I can’t see why the women of the WWE can’t a tournament while the men are having their tournament for the Cruiser weight title.

  • Lil Miss Queen Lady

    YES. I love tournaments <3

  • Rhawk

    A Global Womens Tournament? I think it could work, hopefully it would be named as such, keep with the Global theme, tis a nice bit of branding.

    I can definitely see SHIMMER and Shine being involved with qualifying matches, what with the latter being linked with WWNLive and Gabe Sapolsky, who NXT and Evolve have a partnership of sorts, Gabe owning Evolve.

    Outside women being brought in? Damn, Candice LeRae (with her Gargano connection), Kimber Lee, Heidi Lovelace, Nixon Newell, Thea Trinidad (with her Aries connection), the many who appeared in squash matches on NXT, the possibilites are endless.

  • Number One

    I’m all for this! Bring it on!!!